The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or GPGP for short, is an accumulation of plastic products. But defining the actual area is a difficult task. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a massive dump of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean. Latest News; Press; Take Action. Noun. 20% come form ship. It is a wide range of trash, plastic chemical, sludge and debris floating together in a large mass in Pacific Ocean. ... Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Find out what a garbage patch is and isn't, and what we can do about this ocean-sized problem. Plastic Bags . The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (3)_____ first discovered by scientists (4)_____ the 1980s. Great Pacific Garbage Patch, zone in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii that has a high concentration of plastic waste. A cruise ship creates about 8 tons of garbage a week. //