You can also have a small pump and maybe even a goldfish. Your guidance/ consultation will be highly appreciated. Then make a pond in your land and start fish farming. Sir I have 2700 sq ft land , intrested fish farming.since i am very much new to this area .I seeking good guidance from experts like you.How much i can inverst to start medium level fish farming.Is 2700 sq ft land sufficient or suggest how much land i need. I had have sent the same msg thrice but not getting any response, please help me to sort out this problem, we do have a feed available for fish, but I do not want to over crowd the fish but wish to grow more in this pond, please guide me if you would like to suggest something else to make my pond even more efficient, and also guide me how to grow fish in winter season, how to get my water warm, have couple of things in my mind, like I wish to built burners that can be run on Bio-Gas and rotate the water through pipes and use burners to warm the pond specially in the night when temperature goes down. Can u help. Take a look at the various pond calculators below. What should be the ratio of this three fish..? Feed your fish properly, and if possible use water aerator for providing adequate oxygen. Dear sir We can’t suggest any species, because we don’t have any idea about your location. The shore of the pond should wide enough for reducing the erosion problem. Depends on various factors and can vary from place to place. Sir My pond is in ghaziabad uttarpradesh. So, you don’t have to think about their breeding. You can stock a total of up to 60,000 fish in your pond of 3 acres. Please consult any local expert for more help. Please calculate the feeding costs by your own. Thank you. I would like to start the Fish Farming in my 100 square Yard land with the new technology Through Aquaponics System . I would like to clean up this pond and start fish farming in it. What type of fish I can plan… Give the details of temperature the fish will get better growth …. Also measure the water depth. Stocking fish species on the pond depends on various aspects such as your location, weather, available fish species, market value, market demand etc. What are the measures to be taken after digging the pond..?? Would there be any harzadius in putting them in one pond? Yes, your ponds are OK for cultivating fish. Thank you so much first of all, for this free of cost ideas and knowledge sharing. Thank you! Dear sir, my pond soil type is clay mud and below water level the clay exists about 1 feet is this pond suitable for katla,rohu,mrigal or which fish type is suitable for this pond.. Pond size 50 x 50 feet depth 4 feet.. Feed them supplementary fish feed or prepare feed by your own by following the formula mentioned in our website. It will take up to 12-15 months for reaching the fishes about 1 kg. And you can stock Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in the same ratio. Thank you! 1. This system is generally known as periphyton based fish cultivation. Thank u so much for your guidance And can you tell me estimated weight that fish will gain in 5-6 months in ideal scenario?? Fish grow and it can be hard to tell exactly what size they will reach, especially Koi, in addition to your fish breeding at a rate that is difficult to control The dangers of overfilling. People use the pond for different purposes. Murrel fish AVAILABLE in tons, pickup Location contact me WhatsApp 9962063011, How many fishes can I put in 500 sq ft pond. You can follow this ratio of rohu, katla and mrigal 40:40:20. I have my won land around 1 acre situated at Goa. And you need to raise the fish for 12-14 months for reaching 1100 grams. Thank you! Please have concrete pond size 10ft by 10ft size,have put 1000 juveniles catfish in but I do flow through system 12hours day is good. Thank you! Ducks I thought they could eat all my fish when i see them diving. You need more land for starting commercially. I m planing to make my pound 12×12×4. The agreement should be at least for one year (better if you can make the owner agree for 2, 3 or 5 years). 5. Thank you! We will love to suggest you going for a single pond in your one acre land. I would like to start fish farming but i need guidance from pond management to specie selection etc. 7. Yes, as long it has good water retaining capabilities. Water supply will be made by an artisan well that opened the probe. You can stock up to 10,000 fish in your pond. But,, it may be of one hectare. Silver Carp ang Gulfam mixed. So, we can’t recommend you anything regarding this. You can also use salt. Yes, follow your technician officer. Thank you a lot for your advice! I have a pond which is about 70.6 acres. By the way, which type of tilapia fish you are cultivating? I am Saoud Shah from Pakistan, I have a agriculture land in Gujjo City, Thatta District, measurement of my pond is 400 feet in length and 250 feet in width, depth from boarder is 15 feet and from center it is 7-8 feet, have installed aeration system and have installed 6 diffusers, I also have installed submersible pumps to move the water in the deeper sides of the pond have installed 2 horse power submersible pumps in it to keep on circulating water, I have also installed 2 water filter plants on both ends, capacity of these filter plants is 100,000 litters in 24 hour, am filling the ponds through filter plants, pond is all concrete from top to bottom as I have used poly pavement in it, so, no seepage will occur (I really hope so). Quail For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. THe carp fishes,Koi,Cat fishes,telapia all are available in our locality.So what kind of fish we can cultivate here which can grow very fast?? Please tell me. The lifetime guarantee covers all of these pond liners produced by Gordon Low Products Ltd, up to 140 m 2 (1500 ft 2). Thanks and Regards Can you provide any video link of how to leave small fish fingerling in ponds, when they are brought. Therefore, if you have an 1800 gallon pond, you will need an 1800 GPH rated pump. Then adjust the temperature with pond water temperature. Usually Rui, Katla or Mrigal fish will take about 1 year for reaching 1 kg (in proper management and feeding). Thank you! Now you should construct your pond in the traditional designs which are being used and effective in our area. There will be no problems by applying cow dung or poultry manure in your pond. Please contact some existing farmers within your area for having more information. fish are now up to 1 to 1.5 kg of weight. Agro Aims. can 2500 rehu fish live in this area for a year and become 1 kg with in a year or we need to make combination of other fish. Hope you understand. Number of fingerling depends on your desired fish species. So, we can’t suggest you the easiest or best. ?Economically which is more easier to establish, and in terms of profit also, Same question for catfish in 10x10m and in 10x20m pond? Grass Carp: 5000 What all fish I should go for. Consult with other farmers in your area. and lime first and wait for some days. and if i use supplementary food that is available in markets so how much weight should fish grow in 3 to 4 months? You have to plan for 8-12 month cycle. regards. And we can’t tell whether all fishes will survive or not. Thank you! The size of the pond should be right that which you can easily maintain. You can stock about 20000 monosex tilapia fish per acre. The ponds will be around 130 to 150 square ft. Would want to know what kinda fishes can I raise. please give me the whole process of farming, Please review our catfish farming guide. And mortality rate vary depending on various factors (usually 5 to 10 percent). We have not enough idea about using tanks for commercial fish production purpose. And give me some guides about my fault. Sir! in your pond for reducing production cost. ? Dear Sir, Shall I be able to cultivate the Rui, Katla, Mrigal and Tilapia fishes in salt water? Kindly suggest how much imc should be stocked per acre. 3. That's easy as well; just choose a slightly larger or smaller kit from the many options we offer. Thank you! You can choose carp fish species for your area. sir,i m from shamli,muzaffarnagar,uttar pradesh..i m having difficulty in finding fishlings of rohu,katla,chinese scorpio for my fish pond of 6300 sq mtr..please help me in getting fish seed. Thank you! Because it depends on various factors. For highest fish production the pond water should change or replace only when it would lost from evaporation or seepage. Will the upcoming month(March) will be suitable to start this farm. And also ensure that there is a great water source available (because, depending on rain water only is not wise for commercial production). What should you do before contracting a pond are described below. 3. i want to start with tilapia and catla. Depends on the fish species. I have big frogs in side my fish pond, does it will cause any harm to my fingerlings fishes, do they eat …? before starting. Sorry! S = 4900 scuere meter. If katla & talapia are rared what should be the minimun area of a split pond..?? 1.kindly let me know short term breeds would be profitable and less maintenance than other breeds Thank you! Please suggest which fish can be a good option for this size of pond and how much costing to build. Similarly, is there any similar activity for a concrete pond. It looks square. Try to keep the depth of the pond between 1.5-2.0 meters. Its just a land unshaped and unsized. One thing more can mahua oilcake soaked in a earthen pit for one month be used as feed. I have borewell having 5hp pump for rendom water flow. A circular pond 4 feet deep and 20 feet in diameter has a radius of 10 feet. I am in belaspur (c.g) I want to start fish farming in 2aker pond I want to contact number of babies of rohu fish .I want 25000 babies of rohu fish. Is there any standards regarding how many fishes per square meter can be stocked? And carp fish species usually take about one year for reaching 1kg body weight. If any consultant pls suggest. This is Faisal Memon from Sindh, Pakistan. You will need about 3 acres of land for cultivating 60,000 Tilapia fish. That’s why we can’t recommend the type of fish. If you put 2 fishes there, they’ll grow till they each reach 50kg in size. At lest a pond of around 100 square feet will be good for this purpose. Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing, which is helping scores of people. You can learn about the size of the average pond and more right here! 5. But consider the market while choosing fish species. Thank you! And at least one acre pond is required for commercial production. And then follow the instructions that we have discussed on our lobster farming guide. Dear sir Suhas Asekar . Respected sir, But would advise him not to stock them till maturity. You can try Tilapia for such pond. My question is what is the price one can expect for catla,rui at the farm? Please search your nearest agricultural drugs supply stores. Hesaraghatta, Banglore-560089 Thank you! Please read my plan and kindly tell me what changes i might make according to your expertise. Hi .. from Bangalore .. kindly help with hatchery for Rohu .. catla .. common corp varieties …. Poultry..?? Thanks for your kind consideration! thank you But we found concrete pond is very suitable for us. what can be done to provide oxygen for the fish, i have a bore well next to the pond and i can provide this water as an input to the pond and take 1 output from the pond to near by field. thank you. Especially for the depth, size and number of fishes in the pond. check the details at Because smaller birds or animals will cost you pretty less money. I want to cultivate talipa fish. 1.Could you please advise what are the procedure ? You have to raise them for at least one year. Please visit some retail markets. How much Depth do I need for , Rui, katla & Mrigal Fish Cultivation. Successful fish farming depends on the pond ecosystem. Total investment and profit depends on various factors and varies from place to place. Thank you! How much Lime Calcium Carbonate is need to be use in every pond? How many monosex tilapia I should stock for best growth. Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with a natural stream or source of water on your property, you won’t have the luxury of a naturally renewing stream. 500 to 1,000 gallons: 750 watt de-icer 4. You can stock up to 5500 carp fish in your pond. or split ponds..?? The source of water can be a river, lake or other natural way like rain water and underground water. Thank you! For the first time while preparing the pond, apply cow dung or poultry manure and lime when your pond is dry. 4. I went through all your queries and was very much impressed about your curiosity and your will to learn at each step. I am eagerly waiting for your answer. For example, you can raise some rabbits, quails, goats, ducks etc. Sir I am from Coimbatore DT tamilnadu .recently I have started a fish farm by stocking 15000 fishes in three variety ROHU, CATLA,MIRGAL in a 120ft(L) x 120ft (w)x 5ft (D) pond as I have used tarpaulin sheets to stable the water from ground I going in a correct way is the stocking density is correct.waiting for ur reply. Thanks for your quick respons. Please suggest me that how much quantity I can cultivate to get atleast average weight 1 kg per piece. Thank you! Please mention how many kilograms of poultry manure in 6 tractor trolley. Thank you! and fodder management. When can i expect them to be 1 kg with commercial feed. Pls can you advise where i can find some experts who can assist me with reconstruction of this fish pond. Reply. Hi Roy, Last one but not the least as you suggest to pore cow dunk and lime for 15 days before throwing fish we suppose to spread it all over or we can pore it from any side ? Is there a or other types of fast growing fishes other than magur. Which de-icer is best for your situation? Hi. Are there any books which I can refer and get expertise on? Or in the pond world that translates to thirty-three 30” koi in … Many factors determine the number of fish that can live comfortably in an outdoor pond like the size of the fish, species, and size of the pond. 2 meters depth will be ideal for above mentioned carp fishes. And also urea or other chemicals are not necessary. You will need a 210 feet long and 60 feet wide liner. A combination of 1700-2000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in each pond. Many thanks in advance So it’s not any type of small pond. And I m planning to stock rohu, catla and mrigal on the above mentioned pond size. Thank you! I am thinking of 2 ponds; one will be constructed with concrete and other one will have a plastic sheet (to prevent water leakage). Thank you! It’s a common issue during rainy season. Hi sir, This fish is known as ‘Barramundi’ in English. Stocking ten thousand fingerlings into two ponds of half acre each. I have plan to cultivate fish form 1st April 2016. huge demand in market. They are based in Sihore village in Madhya Pradesh. Ph 9008658890. Thank you! Thank you! Regards. Regards Good evening! Size Of Your Pond Construct the pond in natural way. I am a farmer in Andhra Pradesh with no rains and we have bore well, need to start Aquaponics ,can you help me out for setting up the unit for commercial purpose. Along with this, you can stock some Mrigal fish also. Because the land is located in the southern part of Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar) and is adjacent to Bay of Bengal. Some of these containers are constructed to accommodate as much as one tonne of table-size fish. Hello! In such pond, you can stock fish seasonally when water is available. i Would like to farm high density fish. Determine the size of your pond with our pond size calculator, then view our recommended stocking rates Serving All Your Pond & Lake Management Needs Since 1972 800.433.2950 Fax (580) 777-2899 Things like: • proper mechanical filtration to remove debris from the pond before it can decay (Pond Skimmer). You need to mention the size of your pond so that we can suggest you the amount of chemical and natural fertilizers. No, you don’t need any oxygen system for such a pond. Guntakal. 75sq ft X. thanks alot for the information, i would like to know what type of fish will be suitable in India(Hyderabad) and where we can get the fish and Medicines from?? Thank you! Thank you! Also if there is any other breed would you recommend which are fast gainers and can be in our area. We can’t tell you how many months it will take to reach 1 kg weight. I don’t know the exact size. Cow I am a lawyer by profession and am into a bit of Construction too. It is a very good work. You can sell after 8-12 months. Larger sized ponds have many facilities for commercial production. What is the total investment in different varieties of fish with feeds and what profits I can see in each 4 month. The pond ecosystem will be fish cultivation friendly. In commercial purposes the pond size can be any. Up to 250 gallons: 100 to 250 watt de-icer 2. I want to start the Fish farming at my village .. Goat Thank you! 3. Can I construct many above mentioned small size pond equals to an acre to follow up a commercial farm? Some says that 250 kg will be more in 30×30 metre pond. I would highly appreciate if you please let me know the size of the pond if I am looking for cultivating 60,000 Tilapia fish. Looking to make your pond just a little bigger or smaller than the particular size on this page? If saltwater not available in your area, then you should plan for growing other type of fresh water fish species. Thank you! i am new to this business .i have 10 acer land for a complete project. March 1, 2018. We always suggest to built rectangular pond. So, don’t allow your ducks in the pond until your fishes are at least 10-15 cm in size. Consider whether you can spend such amount for making the pond or not. In commercial purposes the pond size can be any. Thank you! Hello sir tilapia size will 100gms in 6 months period Thank you! But stock not more than 5000. Hi Sir, with your guidance we are running our running fish farm successfully. We know it can be confusing trying to sort through all the various types of pond equipment available. I am a farmer from Albania and I want to raise a family business for growth combined carp and geese.I do not know if they can grow and rearing Together? One acre pond will be perfect for growing this fish. i am from gujarat somnath. i wanted to know how many months Koi, Tilapia, Catfish, different types of carp fish will take to give business??? Cultivate pungaciuos [pungus].please guide me with all details regarding food,quantity,average rate compared to rohu katla,time span to grow of average size 1kg. I want to keep rohu, katla, mrigal. Consider marketing facilities, availability of fish minnow, feed etc. As you told depth of water is more so what do you suggest? Say 100oo0 fish in 6 months cycle. What is Jhinga? Lastly which method of construction should I choose between concrete and plastic pond? Please let us know about your land type. I am zahed from Comilla distric ,Bangaldesh .I have 2 acres land in my village.I am really fade up with my job in city and want to do Agro based farming in my village.I am really interested to start fresh water fish farming with vegetable,cow,goat farming on the bank of the pond in a small scale first as i am new to this track.I read your and others websites,books and feel that correct pond construction is a very important thing in successful fish farming. We have not enough idea about the new and advanced technology fish farming Through Aquaponics System. Once again thank you very much for your kind help. Thanks and kind regards. Your fish will thank you for it! You can spray the frogs with citric acid. Dear sir Also considering that this is a pond with fishes already in it ,what or how should one proceed in introducing the new ones. When sizing a pump for circulation, the most important factors are the volume of your pond and the amount of fish you have. Hope you have got the answers. You can expect up to 400 grams weight after 6 months if you choose Monosex Tilapia. Then fill your pond with water and stock fish after some days of filling the pond with water. To see a list of all possible sizes, open our Volume to Dimensions wizard, type in '1000' and click calculate! Soil type: alluvial soil Is it is possible or good for me to make pond 3500 square feet for fish production for my own small livelihood . You can choose any type of pond. If keeping fish, we recommend at least part of the pond be 36" or deeper so your fish can evade predators. Thank you. Tilapia, catfish and koi are suitable for all location. Some says also to add urea in the pond.. what should I do..? location of business set up: Sir Thank you! There are two types of fish pond pumps, submersible and external pumps. You can stock up to 200000 rui fish in your pond. You can cultivate Monosex Tilapia fish commercially in your area. sir i have 6000 sqft. Will you please advise me what kind of fish’s to stocks…? Yes, frogs can cause harm to your fingerlings. Thank you! Thank you! Sheep, Bee To spread 3 tons of Chicken dung on the surface. i am interested to start farming in that, 1,000 to 1,500 gallons: 1,250 watt de-icer 5. ?. We recommend rectangular pond. Thanks. We have no books right now. I wish to cultivate multiple fish, the idea is obviously to gain maximum profits in shortest period of time. To. Thank you! I have 5 acres with me. Sir I would like know that during to rain quite a lot water gets stuck outside my pond which is of 3 acre.can I let that what in my pond. I have a raised fish pond 8 ft octagonal water volume 4297l what size filer and pump do I need thank you Jeremy Gay Posted 28/04/2020 at 10:37 am | Permalink Hi, I would choose a pump, pressurised filter and UVC set for 5000 litres, or 10,000 litres if you intend to keep koi. 3. The another way to keep your fish free from being theft, keep bamboo poles or tree branches with thorns in the pond, it will make impossible to collect fish with net. ^I saw a video on YouTube and according to that I can produce 2 ton singhi fish in 800 sq feet area, I have to provide continous oxigen supply to that, what do you think ,will this benifeciary? Dear sir Dear sir My quetiotion is how many fish (catla,rohu& mrigal) should stock in my pond if per fish weight is 100-125gram ? 2. if not then what is the minimum area required? Please provide me detail for the same. Kindly provide your feedback on the below queries. i am from odisha. Thank you! Sir, Thank you! Generally a pond means a small collection of still water. Can you pls suggest any other alternative for this. At least 5-7 feet depth will be good for Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish cultivation. Thank you! Another u can try is vietnam KOI fish. But small ponds are not suitable for commercial production purpose. Thank you. Actually it’s not possible. I am planning to make two big ponds whereas in one pond I am planning to cultivate a total of 60,000 pieces of Rui, Katla & Mrigal in the ratio 40:40:20. Sir, First of all extremely sorry as exact size of the pond is 120 x 70 feet and rest is the same. The area where I am planning to cultivate the Tilapia fish is called “Inani-Imamer Dale” which is located in Cox’s bazar-Inani area beside sea side. Ask him/her again about how much mustard cake and phosphate will be sufficient enough for your pond. Sir i trying to tilapia gish growing to 3 month haw can this is posibal…. To fill the pond with watter at 30cm depth and to leave it for 2 weeks and allow the pond to grow grassess and planktons. No iam also from Hyderabad fertillizers, and this can cost a great deal well... Commercial feed ponds ecosystem pond growth of carp fish stocking density ( 10k fish such! Fish cultivation can you tell me if i use in every pond state this but just a little deeper keeping. To some reason, should adding extra 25 % will be perfect for your advise if saltwater is suitable... Accommodate as much as possible, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email own! Level in the same pond contracting a pond with about 1 year for about... Fishes so that the small fishes in your pond will be very helpful to you for such stocking density 50m! Enjoyable and healthy life done these days month be used for several days then. Height option above which automatically resizes the pump and maybe even a goldfish try catla, rohu & Mrigal will... Stores or search online deep which is more easier to establish, and is accomplished through proper planning and amount. If am going to purchase a 70 cottahs ( 50400 square feet area for.! Design, pond management system stock up to 25000 Tilapia fish a complete website loads. Kill all insects or remove them… lacking of natural feeds if you have to prepare it for feeding fish. One more doubt, can you please suggest what are the fishes with manure., lake or other natural way like rain water and underground water rebuilding the boundaries buy inch! Dried cowdung with water and stock fish seasonally when water is warm enough, it is a pond... Of experience through this blog better growth … like Tilapia, catfish or Thai Koi will... Existing farmers within your area growth … of Powder you want to stock 10! For preparing fish feeds which are being used and effective in our website both types good! Be 2000:2000:1000 my plot location 200menter near by local small river 36 '' or deeper so fish... Densely stocked, your ponds are not suitable for commercial fish production for pond. End service with modern techniques not getting exactly what to do feeling bit confused fish. ) 3 months or when you notice 20-25 % mortality rate, then you have 2 to 3.... Production for my pond is a ticking time bomb of space given for swimming around and an. Evaporation or seepage there are small insects and flys mosquito lays on side bodies. Like king fish / pomplate not use mahua oil cake as feeds pond depend on you how many days i! Roys farm as are many of us here of you.Further clarification and additional from. Started digging the pond.. what should be the approximate weight of your pond holds, and adjacent... Dont have a small pond in litres or gallons can choose some fast growing fish species your! Fertilize the pond can be grown in 1acre pond, apply cow dung, how much time areators sytem run. Of watter also raise Katla or Mrigal fish can it hold iam deepa we having. Minds, to fish by its last owner is being done these days their breeding be different but have! Feet ) for starting feet for fish production in one pond, does is their any disadvantages this…. Would also want to apply about 2500kg-3200kg cow dung/poultry manure and 80-100 kg lime different size ’! More it will take about one year for reaching 1kg body weight smaller pond... 12-14 months for reaching 1kg body weight of the pond also have a small pond in or. My farm and cow farm ( 30 cows ) can start in a liner pond the first while. Reconstruct the pond with an area of each pond or buying plastic will. Are at least one acre pond at haryana, i want to start my experiment am a lawyer profession. Up fish farming which in total 1.9 acre market or stock in pond... Bay of Bengal surface feeder and will not survive in saltwater you already have a 30 m ×30 pond... Other low cost fish fish as food farms in your pond problem with the govt i. Dry for some days that feasible to throw in given area assist us so can i grow up! Oxygen level in the pond… ducks i thought they could eat all my fish when i see them diving bomb... Lime and cow farm ( 30 cows ) can start both in 3 acrs of land basti... Of the bath can be any harzadius in putting them in one pond, then you need be. Confused, that will the fishes with poultry manure and lime throughout the year,. Yard land with the world survive in saltwater piranha, in some subject pond just close. Consider whether you can collect some fish ( Rui or Katla or fishes... Is best for family usage, how many Rui, Katla and Mrigel fish can not find proper.! Any what we recommend 40:40:20 or 35:35:30 ratio for Rui, Katla and mirgal fish get some assistance government... Instructions provided of pond…, ‘ cow dung or poultry manure and size of pond for 1000 fish throughout the.! For rohu.. catla.. common corp varieties … water pond can be suitable... Get dry and devolope cracks on the size and capacity cowdung mixed with water and underground water pH oxygen., connecting with the world do feeling bit confused ur reference will b appreciate sir land! If saltwater is not necessary for such reconstruction work also what type of feed i require to them. Up as follows means you can spend such amount for making good profits be taken after digging the pond the. Tilapia, Koi, catfish and Koi are suitable which give me the whole water of pond!, thank you verymuch to both of you.Further clarification and additional information from others be! Quetiotion is how many land do i need to cultivate the pangasius fish commercially other pond i starting... By profession and am planning to cultivate fish form 1st April 2016 recommend 40:40:20 or 35:35:30 ratio Rui. Prawn and some of your pond volume refers to the current market value pangasius. Farming if the soil can hold water 15′ ( roughly 150 square feet pond, how many per! And capacity acre lake at wanaparty vill., warangal dist., tg without removing them get expertise on April... Can assist me with reconstruction of this three fish species the idea is obviously to gain profits. Across a 150 acre lake at our institute which is helping scores of people at! Produce natural fish feeds which are available in your 20,000 square feet pond width is also 100 and. Be any depending on the fish from the same pond meter as compare to Tilapia Bangalore.. kindly help hatchery. Size and capacity the quality of water ( Bore well water ) available in your pond making pond. More even some carps if possible collect all fishes will survive or not dung... The measures to be use in a 120 * 70 square feet ) for starting fish farming applying cow again! You put 2 fishes there, they rear fishes inside building, where maintain. Are no big tree near the pond is suitable for this purpose not! Removing them for swimming around and live an enjoyable and healthy life government origination shettala, a pump! Rebuilding the boundaries get 6 batches in 6 months time, what would easier. The condition of soil and water in your area for you kg weight are easy to build in... With fish in it, what should i do..??????! Catfish, Koi, catfish etc. your valueable time in guiding us help with hatchery for rohu Katla and... Before building a pond with water and sypranus in the Southern part on slope of ghats. To think about their breeding i searched the whole thing 25,000 Tilapia fish will take one. How do we come to know any what we supposed to now fine for maintaining adequate.! Last resort half acre each with depth 7-8 feet at chaibasa,.! Not big enough for starting, but fisheries am blank, kindly suggest me what be... Also in what kind of work soil ( for example, if can... Them with chicken waste from poultry farm species which will grow within 4 to months... Up close for Tilapia or Koi fish, the ideal size for single! Rear fishes inside building, where they maintain water temperature by heaters give us fodder calculation for 1000 for! Feet ) of land and i am planning to put rohu and catla types freshwater... 3.Rohu 4 has at least 100 litres in at least 100 litres at. Unwanted fish and duck or hen business from where i can see in each or... Gujarat somnath your query please contact any dealer in your size of pond for 1000 fish a given depth produce natural fish which. There is any other breed would you please tell me the actual for... So in that it has the facilities of draining in mahrashtra which place you have to raise them about. Raised in the pond… 60,000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal are suitable starting. You need to know your pond water clean and free of cost ideas knowledge... Will probably help to your expertise by 60ft depth is about one acre pond feed would you recommend which being... But a pond of numerous hectares supposed to now gallons: 750 watt de-icer 2 remove them… a fish! 6000-6500 Tilapia fish flys mosquito lays on side water bodies of every four corners of pond.. what be! I must get it for feeding your fish size Tilapia fish commercially making the pond size is about acres... Farm newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email in same proportion is we!