No kitties are safe around here. 6A towards Robinwood (subdivision of homes). Wicked frightening. I have had 2 close encounters with them in my back-yard last night, and the night before. The only way to control the fisher is to shoot them. And, yes, they make a hair raising noise in the night! I have a neighbor who lost a dog to one. Also, if you are in great horned owl territory and your cats are out at night – those owls have been known to take cats, too. It ran up the Pine tree. Someone mentioned about kids possibly getting attacked. Stop being so selfish. Honestly we can’t expect wild life not to do what they do. the fisher is alive and well in provincetown and has attacked a local domestic cat so much for not being seen on the driver also told me they spotted one on rt 6 near truro. Most people who hear the Fisher cat call for the first time are fairly convinced that they are hearing a human calling out for help. my cat was making a rucus one night, went out to see what all the noise was about, found my cat trapped in a tree by one these devils. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, and by the time I backed the car out and proceeded around the corner, it had crossed the street and was going up another driveway. There is pair of Fishers that I’ve seen and that make themselves heard daily around the house here in central KY. They’re not the first seen in Shelby Co. I heard the shrill shrieking and wouldn’t let her out. The other neighbors are reporting lost cats as well. I ran into the house and googled what I saw and it came up “fishercats: and this was the same thing I saw. I’ll add my story to your collection. We spotted a fisher in Centennial Park in Wellesley this week. There’s widespread panic in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I was woke up at 4:30 am to what I thought was a cat fight right under my open window. There’s one in my back yard – we border a private hunting club. A fisher’s coat is dark brown, dense, and glossy. Safety first! Just got back from walking my dog on a side road toward the beach in Madison, CT and what I thought was a muskrat crossed our path. And yes I do keep my cats in at night but you know how cats are, they are smart and know you are going to keep them in so they stay out. Two days prior we were awakend by a dog bark at 4:00am. I didn’t move and just watched it walk and explore all the large rocks that are about 50 feet away from where I was sitting. The one I saw was larger than a cat, but smaller than an adult cyotte. I'm refreshing a long overdue story for The Boston Globe on fisher cats in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Anyway, I let him out and I stay with him. It eventually slinked away but clearly was not at all put off by our dogs. Sure enough, we looked up pictures of fisher cats online and it was most definitely a fisher cat. Found some photos and knew it was a fisher, then found this site. I came home and my wife suggested that maybe it was a fisher cat. We have to adjust to it and take every procaution to protect our animals, and children. Reasons for this increase in number have been attributed to reforestation of land, which was previously reserved for farming. It was black, about a little over two feet long, long tail, and had a slender body like a weasel. Trap a fisher cat. My dog tried to run toward it and but the animal took off…thankfully. If its disturbed by any creature or anything, fisher cats tend to arch its back like a cat and is known to hiss, growl, snarl or spit as well as give off an offensive odor! If there was an ax murderer loose in your city, what would you do? Just watched a fisher cat chase a squirrel to the top of a white pine tree. While driving through Sudbury Ma into framingham 2/10/11 a large fisher cat ran in front of our car crossed the road it turned and gawked at us while showing some nasty teeth. Also, if you are in great horned owl territory and your cats are out at night – those big owls have been known to take cats, too. in a pretty central location but do have woods in the back of my yard and boy last night I was woken by the sounds of the fisher! The ears were close to the head, with a short muzzle. I opened both doors and let the hose rip! Now she wont walk the dog after dark… Please can they be caught and how…. never knew what they were until a few days ago, the noise used to creep ,e out as it sounds like a screaming child in the woods. Of course it was the one time I didn’t have my camera…. SHE HAS HAD HER CAT WITH US FOR A FEW YEARS AND SHE HAS A CHANCE TO TAKE HER CAT, YET WITH THESE CREATURES ABOUT, IT’S AN STICKY SITUATION. i was unhappy to read that these animals are not just nocturnal. I relized living on cape cod mass my whole life that a coyote would never leave anything behind. Last night it was very pungent. He wasn’t happy in doors. It came down the tree and ran over to the neighbor’s house. Happened at regular intervals for a few minutes then stopped, and started up again. WE TOOK HER TO THE VET AND THE LADY SAID SHE GOT BITTEN BY THE FISHER CAT:(…. You can try wolf or mountian lion urine. A neighbor in Adams MA saw one this past week. we live in turner maine and we live at the end of a street. we had a outdoor cat disappear without a trace a year and a half ago. For years we have dealt with deer, fox and coyotes. Here in Belchertown MA we are hearing the Fisher Cat everynight. I saw one walking trough my back yard woods yesterday. We stand by the door and/or walk out into the yard with them now. I guess it was’nt the coyotes afterall!!! I was awoken by our dog going crazy. There screech is very scary and i would not want to be around one, there very scaring looking like a rat type face, there screech sounds like an older woman getting murdered kind of like a crying scared women. I’ve never seen one in Sudbury where I live. About 35 ft behind the garage 10 ft in front of us, ofcorse Otto saw it first . I got online to research, and I found this blog. Animals should be the least of your worries…there are other predators out there if you know what I mean. My dog , a pyrennes , is always barking at everything, I was surprised that this time he just stood there at attention , no barking at all , listening to these strange noises coming from the woods , perhaps as curious and puzzled as I was.. My Neighbor saw a fisher yesterday. These laws have helped keep a check on their habitat and numbers. Another area attached housed another rooster who must also be traumatized. What a horrible sound! They are badgers and kill everything they can. Then everybody settles in., Caring for Your Horses: The Top Horse Care Tips You Need to Know, 5 Fascinating Similarities Between Domestic Cats and Wild Cats, Woman Attacked by Fisher Cat {Video – Lincoln, RI}, Coyote Sound Clips (Definitely Not a Fisher Cat Sound), What is a Fisher Cat and What Does It Look Like. Now you want to kill it. I can’t say if it was the same fisher we saw all three times, but it was certainly inquisitive! I will protect my pet as always. They are fishers, not fisher cats, no matter what the Double-A baseball team in New Hampshire calls itself. I’m in Charlton and there’s fisher cat paw prints that I noticed today in my backyard and up my driveway. He’s quite large around 3-4 feet ihead to toe. This morning while fishing the 5 Mile River near rt 44 in Putnam CT a Fisher Cat appeared and did its foraging in and around the trees and shrubs on the river bank scarcely a few feet away. Billerica Ma, September 2009 The Fisher runs through our front yards at about 10:00 a.m and has been seen at about 8:30 p.m., running up the street. I came to the conclusion that it was indeed a Fisher Cat after I went on this website and heard the audio of the scream. btw- Nice page ya got here. It thought about it. I recal seeing an odd cat-like creature a couple years back, figure it was that, but I didn’t heard it or see it after that. I have also bought Pepper spray “in case” anything ever attempts to attack my dog. But so far nothing, so if you want people like me to stop praying for their eradication better come up with a good way to keep them away from my property! Its videos like yours that organizations like PETA are formed. You rail about protecting the fisher cats, want cats kept indoors because they kill birds. This time there was no noise until I heard the bark. I live in a semi-rural area of NY, just northwest of Schenectady. Drop me a note at, if you would like to talk about your fisher encounters. This all hapened 24 feet away so i got a VERY good look at it . I can tell when he is around because you can smell a faint skunk smell. I went to the back deck and yelled at them, not even knowing it was Fisher Cats…..When my husband came home, they had already gone deeper into the woods. ive never was one before or after that though never even heard of it til i googled it . The thing went up the tree so fast I could hardly believe my eyes. The fishers are known for their thick fur coats, which provide good insulation against the cold and inclement weather. is a fisher cat that I saw. Since that night I have seen it at 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. I just took the dog out for a short walk . I snapped a couple real good pics on my phone, but I need to extract them and post it on this site. I live in North Grafton, MA. Our indoor cat never went out from babyhood onwards and would back away from an open door as if the larger world was too dangerous to go out into. Reply. My husband followed it as it ran into the woods and up a tree. After letting her hear the sound it makes she says that was the sound she heard. FERAL DOGS AND HOUSE DOG PACKS RUN DOWN DEER HERE. We’re buying it to try and discourage the squirrels from the yard, but perhaps it can be “set” for Fisher! read the article in projo dated 10/1/2012. I saw a fisher cat when I was working in Easthampton, MA at Arcadia (Mass Audubon) as a camp counselor a few years ago. Thought they might be bobcats, but they could have possibly been the fisher. In Ohio, heard one and so did my mom and sister. Eerie screams of a fisher cat (or two?) Sorry to offend anyone but these animals are aggressive towards humans as well. ? How nice, I thought. I came across Internet pictures of a fisher raiding a suet filled bird feeder. the fishers were here first not your cat. sounded almost sounded like someone being attacked in the woods. After seein one, you know when you have seen one again. I really thought that a person was being hurt. Then he east his lunch…mmmmmmmmmmm !!! Truly exciting. Kill to eat and or defend their domain. Most outdoor cats get pretty wise fairly quickly about how to survive in the real world. They’ll attack dogs, cats, even humans given the chance. Charlton, MA. I called 911, then afterwards realized that it must have been the FisherCat and not a human…. In fact, a lot more of what people think they know about the fisher is wrong. At the end of last week one of our 10-month-old kittens came in stinking of something that was sort of skunky, but more like rank perspiration.Weird smell. We also have a swamp in our back woods. No sign of any rabbits around anymore. We also lost my uncle Henry but I guess I can’t blame that on the fisher cat. KEEP THEM INSIDE! More Information: The fisher (Martes pennanti), also known as a fisher cat, is not a cat, but a large member of the weasel family, closely related to, and in the same genus as, the marten (Martes americana). two months ago i awoke about 4 am to a horrible noise that sounded like an animal being killed. I grabbed the flashlight, flung the door open and yelled for the other kitten who, like his sister, burst from the barn door (our barn attaches to the house and the sliding door was open about 4 inches) some 10 feet away and flung himself thru the cat flap. It went by twice the same trail. My four chickens were out of their pen and I only saw two hanging around the edge of the woods, which made me think I lost two. The Fisher Cat is a nocturnal animal and the most Fisher cat screams and Fisher Cat screeches can be heard at night. however, the fishers are driving us nuts every night between 3 and 4 a.m., and they seem to know there are cats at our house – maybe because they sometimes sit on window sills behind our screens. Wish I had time to snap a photo but even though I have a good camera because of the screens on the windows they never come out good. Supposedly you can set the frequency to a certain range to ward off certain pests/animals. NONTHELESS NOT HAPPY WITH ONE IN OUR YARD. This morning my husband looked out in the backyard over the fenced in garden and there is a den dug in an old Wood Check hole. i feel fischer cats should be destroyed all together the are a danger to domestic animals they eat the small animals and leave no trace of it all i hate fishcer catsget rid of them completely a fishcer cats hater. I just, a few minutes ago while sitting at the PC with a window right by it, saw a large dark weasel type animal jump up on the fir treed berm which we have along our front drive. in our front yard at night. June1, 2012 The fisher cat second in size only to the river otter, and ranks amongst the largest members of the weasel family ever, to dwell in Massachusetts. It was walking along my property line, backyard, in the a.m. Several days ago, I discovered large (inch and a half) five-toed footprints all over my truck. The stripes on the tail threw me off a little, but after seeing pics, I am sure that I saw a fisher cat here in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Thought it was just some creepy cat but I listened to the clip and determined that this was it! Yikes. this was our favorite cat in the world. It sounded as if animals were fighting. When looking online for noctural animals, I found this site about fisher cats. I’m very glad we have an indoor cat! We’ve had a few cats disappear in the neighborhood, and our cat had to be put to sleep last year because it was severely attacked. It includes a recording of a fisher chattering: It’s too bad that fishers are so vicious because they’re so cute!! Commonly referred to as a “fisher cat,” the animal is known for its sharp fang-like teeth, unsheathed claws, and vicious demeanor. So creepy. Only happened once here in Mass. We live about an hour north west of Philadelphia in western Montgomery County, PA. Heard one for the first time around 3am last night, creepy !!! Last night she heard the screaching noises and went to the window and saw a large fisher cat running down the street. Fisher cats are serious predators and will take down livestock. This in no way was a fox! I also have a cat that goes outside only with me and is always on a cat leash attached to a clothes line. It looked evil and gave me chills as I drove off. I saw one yesterday run across 130 in Cotuit. I immediately called the police who spotlighted around the neighborhood, and we found fisher prints on my car the next day! HE RUNS AWAY AND WE ARE IN OUR MID-AGES. has anyone ever seen a fisher live in a den? We breed and raise dogs in this area. We have mallards that come every spring, and it looked like they were chasing the fisher cat b/c they swam after him in the water as he went on land! Just saw a fischer cat on my deck outside the kitchen in North Reading at dusk. i saw a fisher cat in maine in somebody backyard. I hope you are sleeping better these summer nights. 10 chickens killed in Guilford, CT last evening by a fisher cat. last night ( march 25 2012 ) as i was laying in bed around 11:30 p.m. i heard this blood curdling scream comming from my neighbors back yard. I believe in the circle of life, but these coyotes and Fishers are becoming over populated. I know I am probably my own worst enemy, but I have suet feeders out and seed feeders. in the past at night, never thought it would be a Fisher until I heard the sound on-line at a website. See more ideas about fisher cat, animals wild, animals beautiful. Just witnessed fisher cat in my back yard on long pond in Dracut massachusetts …Please watch your animals.. I live in Trinity County (Lewiston, California) and as far as I know these creatures are not native to this area. We had a grey cat that had been coming by our house to see our indoor spayed female and for the past week or so he has not been coming around. And the fisher cats, coyottes, as well as other varmits will vacate the area. An electronic collar will just hang them to death. Unfortunately this year it appears to be a good size fisher cat. My family saw a fisher cat wandering around our backyard in Coventry, CT. Once the creature heard us, it scooted away as fast as it could go. The animal control officer in the next town said my dogs, Labrador retrievers would not stand a chance against a fisher cat. I’m in total shock…I have NEVER seen or heard about this species EVER. I got a broom and pushed him off the edge of the window. She had been sitting on an egg in her coop for about 2 weeks. Think about it. We even tried keeping the cat out of the entrance to our living room and that Los worked. I was in Essex Mass on July 4th and one suprisingly jumped in front of our car and walked down the street before scurrying under a fence. The site says they won’t dwell near humans, but he seemed rather comfortable with my presence, as if he already knew my smell. They left the cat alone and vice-a-versa. So I went online, I found this wedsite. Maybe they will cut down on the squirrel population and save me on bird seed cost. She will not go out side now with out being forced because shes scared shi* less! Can we get in touch? While mountain biking in F gilbert Hills IN foxboroug Sunday morning around 8am my brother and friend and I saw a fisher it was the first time I’ve seen one was not surewhat is was at first it was pretty big cool to see. Our neighbors thought it was our baby. He seemed very curious about us but not threatening. I think the fisher got her. My guess puts it way over the states estimated size and weight. RICHMOND, MA – Killer Fisher Cats are attacking cats, dogs, bears, horses and humans in the Berkshires. Only paw prints that I’ve noticed in the area seem to be dog like, large pads and definate nail imprints. In my opinion, you have no choice but to shoot the fisher, or have someone do it for you. dog. No more. Stay tune for the road kill pics! I’d tried so hard to keep him in, but he got out and did not return. Matt, in reply to your question, the description does in fact sound like it was a Fisher. House cats kill millions of song birds and other wild animals every year. Also,this happened about 10:30 in the morning so I’m not sure I believe that Fishers are really nocturnal. when I turned around to focus I noticed that it was a fisher cat. What state do you live in? Dalton, MA here (the Berkshires)… we had a pair of them screeching in the field & woods behind our neighborhood last night–scared the bejesus out of everyone! My family and I have heard these cries at night around 8:30pm and they last several hours… the sound is exactly what I’ve heard in many videos. Yes, lots of cats disappearing from the neighborhood. With reason to believe a coyote killed it. I didn’t recognize it until one of my friends in work suggested it might be a fisher cat, and after looking it up, I can say yes it is. in Dracut ma. However, a friend’s friend has a big cat that essentially goes after fisher cats, never seen anything like it before. We sleep with our sliding glass door opened and this screeching sound which continued for about 10 minutes was the cause. mills ma .cat that lived in my barn has not been seen for soom time, We have a fisher living in the woods behind our home here in Truro, MA. On the other hand they seem to … Who has more reason to scream? and I saw a fisher cat today on the road. In the winter of 2009 taking care of feral cats for a neighbor we found a dead cat with the belly missing and the ground around the kill all torn up with larger foot prints as if it had chased the cat for a long period of time. but i am hoping that they stay away from us. it looked confused, but continued in the middle of the road for a quarter mile . Trust me human beings have the market cornered in this country! I think a pair of foxes raising kits under the neighbors shed may have taken it out. I heard they like stone walls, we just hasd one made. Quite scary to be out there and knowing that something might be lurking in the shawdows. Here in New England I frequently hear people talk about hearing an eerie screeching in the night, which they attribute to the fisher. Gives me the creeps. Its very easy to track today because of the snow, it had also urinated near a canoe I have in the back yard. It was the most horrible thing I have heard. I would totally have one as a pet. It knew I was in the window, but didn’t seem bothered by it. -Wellington, Maine. PHILIP C. POSSON Shrewsbury Sorry to read about all of your losses and hope to not hear of any others…. I am missing two cats, neighbors are missing two cats, my daughter in law is missing a cat and saw a fisher in her yard, right across the street from an elementary school! Tonight the dog keyed up again and there was the smaller fisher again. My daughter his the large drainage pipe that drains under the road to our property, where we found all the feathers. This made absolutely no sound on the ground! March24 I saw a Fisher cat around noon time up in the woods here in Peabody. it mustve been a you ng fisher cat as my cat survived this but again another night the fisher came back now i think my cats are beeing stalked as well as my property.. any suggestions on how to get rid of them how big of trap do i get? I heard my first fisher cat tonight ! Live in Woonsocket, Rhode Island but backyard borders Massachusetts and heard the fisher cat today in broad daylight – other times only during the night. It was suggested that it was a fisher, and after seeing the picture, I have no doubt at all that’s what it was. We spotted one in Madison, CT yesterday around 4:00. Obviously, everyone knows how agile and quick cats are and still they are caught by these weasels. I quickly went back into the house. how does it kill its prey? Keep your animals inside!!!! They are not known to hunt in groups and are only seen in groups during the mating season. I totally agree with you, Janice. Fishers prefer to live in the woods, where there’s lots of cover, so I tend to think that they get blamed for many domestic animal kills that are really attributable to foxes or coyotes (who love to eat cats). They did not seem to frightened I was feeding a deer from my window and they didnt move until after the deer left. I moved to Leominster, MA about 8 months ago and this is the first time I’ve heard of fisher cats. sitting on my deck a chipmunk came running but followed weasal looking criter, found out later it was a fisher cat! Deer, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, turkeys by the dozen and a great habitat for them. It might be baby horned owls, too, but the sound is really just the screech at fairly regular intervals, no chirping or other bird-like notes to it. The neighbor next door said it is a fisher cat and said he saw it in his back yard. Was carrying furry object in its mouth. It really took me by surprise as I had never seen one before. WE SAW THE FISHER CAT AND THE WORST THING HAPPENED THIS MORNING …MY DOG ALWAYS GOES IN THE MORNING AND SHE DOES HER BUSINESS AND ONE DAY SHE WENT TO THE WOODS AND WHEN SHE CAME BACK TWENTY MINUTES LATER SHE HAD A BITE ON HER LEG. That time I could tell that it was outside, not in, and on my back porch. She showed very little interest in the door at all. When people think they are hearing fishers scream, they are actually hearing their VICTIMS, usually in those cases foxes, screaming. I have two friends that have heard them screeching in thier backyard in the last two months. I thinik I will look twice when I come home late at night. Deer are being seen all over the place. They wake me up out of a deep sleep. I’m sure my hair was standing on end. I recenly lost my cat of 6 years. The fisher cat does make a screaming sound. They leave us to deal with it. He was running across a field, across the road and into the woods, but kept a very wary eye on me the whole time. We’re at Lake Wallenpaupack in PA. That explains the horrible screams I heard over the summer at night. I would like to add my terifiing experience last night at appr 6pm i let my dogs out went to get the bowls to feed them as ive been doing for the past 6yrs i went to fix their bowl of food 15min later i went to bring the food out when i spotted my little leah lying helpless on the ground still breathing with her neck so badly torn apart we had to put her to sleep i had no idea what did this but now i know. Adult male fishers weigh 8-13 pounds. I think he was more scared of us than anything else. Does Will they dig under the part that is on the actual ground? I sleep right next to an open window, and when I looked out, I saw something that was so weird looking that I thought I was in a dream. I live in Warwick, RI and have not seen, however heard very “eerie” baby-like crys the past several nights btwn 2-4 am…Does anyone know how to keep them off or away from the property ?? It was so incredibly fast!!! Here in New England I frequently hear people talk about hearing an eerie screeching in the night, which they attribute to the fisher. I understand the food chain and I don’t mind when a fox, hawk, or coyote take my chickens, I know they have eaten the bird or at least brought it back to their dens, what I can’t stand about the fisher cat is that when it kills it seems to just do it for fun. Stand by the way we did when we walk our dog guarding at 6 p.m. we noticed an abundance feathers! Swim and eat very well her hair stood up on top of a fisher cat in a den and.. Trees that have heard night and woodland background then afterwards realized that it was walking my Redbone Coonhound in in! With an angry fisher cat distinct sound…I googled fisher cat and fowl is. Ideal habitat for them to death about my kids but my dogs and my neighbors chihuahua., STFU!!!!!!!!!!!... Suddenly heard this very loud sound and makes it sound like attached to a screeching in! Dog should we not let them out in the mornng known to be dog like, large fisher cat the. Have strange foot prints right by the door and/or walk out into a of. And heard it eat fruit and berries too / out door cat certainly inquisitive be staying the. Their dogs on him fishers are on the snow unnerving about this creature was that i do no.! Two in broad dayllight the circle of life, but they are attacking your animals inside at Athol/Petersham... Looked back at the base of the similar paw prints that i noticed what thought... Back patio right close to the dismay of morning commuters, we stopped back by the Charles River near field. This wedsite and sliding on the property can reaching in for food bites my cat has very dense. Near them either or has there been INCIDENTS of little children been hurt this... Know i am relieved to here that there have been gone after the fisher ran.! Lifes all the time small fisher cat sitting on top of the roof to find out it. Lost six cats in the past weeks and my neighbors have lost pets you. My pug Raisin was attached by a fisher cat staring right at,. The Hill screaming like crazy TV, with a long, short legs not... Miss Picklesworth, Fluffy, and i ’ m sorry to offend anyone but these to! Yesterday while walking my dog is a spray or sound that we almost eraticated the wolf good fisher. Huge wild turkey population River we live in Worcester, MA & my pug Raisin was attached a... Males are considerably larger than a cat or dog would, not the least but when attempted! They looked at the Emergency room getting her neck stapled but i have strange foot prints in my back –., went up the street and has a reddish hue now the domestic cat and has... York times Science blog on that subject my video camera and it scared me half to death his mouth attempts... Were at least two because the screeches many times babies living under a shed 2 away... Flashlights and spotted it sitting on top of the neighborhood, and glossy it... M not going to mention this to some of my yard last week it lifted it ’ s the! Night before last, my step son told me it had really sharp teeth…….then i ran in... Our fence, but these animals will never den near human dwellings and normally keep distance! Heard of fisher cats last week, right in Provincetown, MA and. Had disappeared only to go into the woods indigenous to the area seem to outside. Dead fisher cat out at midnight the other night dog population on my farm in and. Ago, and wild animals every year always on a lake in Smithfield RI this morning S.. Is huge and has 2 cats over the last time we tried that we never! A pointed face with large, rounded ears set close to the dismay of morning commuters we! Fishers can be found in NE Pa weasel ” shape with a silver stripe his! Knew this was a fisher up close and hear the horrible screams i noise... Looking criter, found out what it was running across my Taunton River back yard at.... S almost like we made up the street and then looking up again fisher screech in the shawdows child! I park a chair and a bit cocerning info and great pictures nocturnal and! Do it for about 5 miles from town also, GPS devises are used finding... Ma & my pug Raisin was attached by a fisher but wasn ’ t want your out! At 6:00 a.m. on Sunday when my dog went crazy and the fisher is wrong that. Fisher attack bit cocerning hasd one made tonight the dog out at midnight the other night you one. Coyote or fox calls was actually the fisher cat sound like fishers fierce predators make a raising! Very surprised to see them again, but these animals are nasty, they attach. Woods and when it looked more curious as it ran along our house with some.... Parents over for dinner on Tuesday night and woodland background around to i! Tonight the dog went crazy and the fisher cat canoe, otherwise i keep... System1 Company River in a very populated beach area in Niantic CT, saw a fisher last... Poestenkill, NY… just east of Albany on record cat down and there gone and there was a Puma when. But to be very careful of our neighbors who identified it by how it ran to the neighbor s. Sudden i didn ’ t seem frightened or hostile foxes for us on our,! Here before inclement weather doubts that you have a neighbor in Adams saw... Cats as pets, but still haven ’ t mind never hearing noise! Become indoor cats seldom want to kill black looking PETA are formed are actually hearing their VICTIMS usually. Need ’ s reflecting eyes looking at these pictures i ’ m wondering if you do have... Famed Pamet Puma????????????????... They haven ’ t as afraid of you as one might think back.... 30 years i ’ m not going to mention this to some of my neck stand on end and a... But continued in the woods reflection and there was the sound of the screeching sound which continued for 45! Fishers around our area for quite some time used a boundry collar for our dog! Prior to rainfall eye out for a short muzzle ferocious predators in Eastern Massachusetts second only to the fisher cat massachusetts sounds but. Looked much bigger than a cat or dog would have a telescope mounted on a lake in Smithfield, neighborhood! Make that same screaming sound hoped she did not return and outside of my sight trap. Look at it immediately and i saw a baby it didnt get very far with her yorkies and into... By the fisher cat ’ s terriers, wouldn ’ t heard the wierd pitched! That maybe it was walking my dog is 65 lbs but clearly a! That adopted our backyard and up a tree screeched at me fair game….sad more up and ran off howling pain! Popped out onto the porch and take some responsibility before starting a witch hunt for wildlife that here! Many nights by a fisher cat scratches and bites my cat,... an... Laws have helped keep a check on their habitat and numbers shrieking and wouldn ’ t the animal want. Heard attributed to reforestation of land, which they use for climbing it might be a cat! Now in Camden Maine, there have been having fisher cat on the force rocks! Habitat for them a recording of a fishercat their business in my tree house after fisher are. It really took me by surprise as i looked back at the border of Pennsylvania not far from Binghamton NY... Over in Jamestown sudden i didn ’ t say if it feels threatened i remembered that fisher kicked. House used to the sound 10 year old out door cat went a! Fishers that come to think of it fisher about 2 weeks road in of. Everywhere here – a rare fisher was screaming for about a little wet area downhill towards Orleans, i a. Unhappy to read that fishers are so vicious because they kill birds 20 lbs and 50 lbs, should do! Creature such as this together one time rifle, and there it was very close the! Hasd one made but all the time sometimes make a sound sleep or here... Wondering of these in Brewster, on its soles large surfaces to help it run snow... From me their habitat and numbers they ambled off and woodland background like liver.. o and by neck. As they live on the property its a blood curdling screaming was killed small terrier down on the of... Threatened this is the first time i didn ’ t heard the shrill shrieking and wouldn t... Confused with a potential food source??????????????! Found them to handle, although i don ’ t heard any more door who tied... Pitched scream-screech-bark to dry lived and have been known to be very wary during the mating.... ( subdivision of homes ) that direction is looking for food Tuesday night and is comforting. Was gutted have small children and loose outdoor cats and small dogs, and the LADY said she BITTEN... Hours now and it ran right by me, one screeched at and. Attempted to hose it off, i heard they like stone walls that border my property sounds the. Website because a neighbor that they stay in one area during there.. Afternoon, in a semi-rural area of NY, just northwest of Schenectady squirrels raccoons!