We also found that a few Norwegian majority members expressed skepticism towards ethnic minorities within the police service – with views ranging from “they don’t bring any extra competence” to questioning ethnic minorities’ capabilities. Many education leaders in diversity-enhanced schools are moving beyond blame and befuddlement and working to transform themselves and their schools to serve all their students well. A focus on diversity is critically important to marketers as we communicate with our customers and various other stakeholders. … The final two articles in this special issue describe specific course projects designed to support diversity education in business schools and the marketing curriculum. The first and third year consists of in-school education, while the second year is in-field training (Hoel, 2019). To advance to the rank of police officer 2 and 3, national competence criteria must be fulfilled. The authors acknowledge the support provided to Mariann S. Leirvik from the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo Metropolitan University. Wrapping up this special issue with an innovative approach to embracing diversity in our marketing classrooms, “Incorporating Photovoice in the Marketing Curriculum to Increase Cultural Competence” by Pierce and Longo (2020) focuses specifically on experiential learning, with photovoice as a method of increasing interaction with diverse colleagues, consumers, and the marketplace. Colleges and universities are truly a melting pot of human identities, and today’s college student is the most ethnically diverse generation in U.S. history (Arthur, 2016). International Journal of Diversity in Education | Read 144 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. We found that ethnic minorities were still underrepresented, and their cultural competence was not fully recognized by other students, teachers, colleagues and leaders. First, as educational needs grow to encompass more socially responsible issues and themes, new approaches are needed to design suitable curriculum. 17 students had immigrant background (immigrants or Norwegian-born to immigrant parents), six had one Norwegian-born and one foreign-born parent, and one had Norwegian background. Diversity Scholars Address COVID-19 View emerging scholarship around COVID-19's impact on society, education, and health and well-being. Narayanasamy, A. However, given the long-standing aim of the NPS to increase the representation of minorities and putting their cultural competence to use, the lack of examples of perceived encouragement, praise and responsibility from police leaders and educators is discouraging. 2011. From the open response categories on perceived argumentations for the diversity strategy, we saw how some respondents perceived the NPS’ work for increased diversity as inauthentic, as a result of political correctness, or an imposed change. Police agencies in many countries are implementing a variety of strategies for recruiting, promoting and retaining police officers with diverse backgrounds (van Ewijk, 2012). While race and ethnicity as a diversity area has received considerable policy attention, McGee and Stovall (2015) offer that critical race theorists, while focused on the academic survival of Black college students, have failed to consider the effects of societal racism on the mental health and well-being of students of color. Police violence in the City of Bergen: A marathon case concerning the rule of law and human rights. Selectively indexed journals contain an average of 50-79% education-related articles and are critical to topic area coverage; ERIC applies a manual article-by-article selection process and indexes only the articles that conform to the standard and criteria outlined in the ERIC selection policy. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education | Read 318 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. The articles in this issue fall into two general categories and are arranged from broad diversity topics to … The first article by Krishen, Lee, and Raschke (2020), “The Story Only Few Can Tell: Exploring the Disproportionate Gendered Professoriate in Business Schools,” reviews the literature on gender bias and underrepresentation in business schools and utilizes research concerning gender inequality to examine academic satisfaction and the perceived weightings of research, teaching, and service among women faculty. She first offers a thorough literature review of diversity and inclusion in relation to business and business schools. This may reflect an integration-and-learning perspective. She then provides a framework for integrating diversity and inclusion into the marketing curriculum and shows how social justice can act as a means for incorporating these topics into marketing pedagogy. Ethnic diversity in the nurse workforce: A literature review. This point is illustrated in the following manner by an ethnic minority officer: Most police officers have little knowledge, in general, about other cultures and stuff like that (…) I would gladly brief my colleagues … on different cultural issues, but it’s not normal, we’re so few … that it would be odd … but if there were more of us, it would be more common. This may indicate that in Norway, gender could have been central in early diversity reform, as described in the case from the Victoria Police Force (Metz & Kulik, 2008). Journal of Diversity in Higher Education largely publishes empirical research focused on issues related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in post-secondary environments. Subscriptions are available on a calendar year basis only Her work mainly concentrates on migration related issues, such as social mobility and cultural diversity. Establishing the numerical representation of ethnic minorities at the NPUC and in the NPS is also important as a backdrop to understand students’ and officers’ experiences and reflections about diversity. ion, housing quality, and access to healthy foods. The NPD has had two main strategic plans outlining the NPS’ diversity strategy (NPD; 2003, 2008). This, however, is addressed by Ely and Thomas (2001) in their work on diversity perspectives. The team employs bachelor students as recruiters, and the students are diverse in terms of gender, age, geographical affiliation and ethnic origin. The Journal of International Education Research (JIER) welcomes articles in all areas of international education research. The e-mail addresses that you supply to use this service will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. First respondents were asked to indicate whether they themselves had immigrated to Norway or had parents who were immigrants. View or download all the content the society has access to. Journals: ISSN: 23272163, 23270020: Coverage: 2013-2019: Scope: The International Journal of Diversity in Education compares strategies for negotiating cultural differences in the classroom, from the micro-dynamics of pedagogy, to the agendas of curriculum and assessment. Thus, the skepticism we observed may indicate the presence of an unintended backfire effect against the NPS’ diversity reform and initiative. As described above, the written policy argues that working to increase ethnic diversity in the NPS is necessary to fulfil the police’s societal mandate, ensure trust among the public, and equal treatment, and that cultural competence is an important resource. Less emphasis has been placed on the work experiences of majority and minority officers and their perspectives on diversity, diversity policies and consequences of diversity (with some notable exceptions; Cashmore, 2001; Loftus, 2008). Creating a wider space for diversity (communication, values and behaviors) may thus potentially influence the ability to utilize ethnicity as a resource (e.g., indirect effects). Academy of Management Learning and Education This may indicate that the processes we have described may be operating also in other advanced multicultural societies. Both minority and majority officers emphasized the importance of representation, but through their stories, most ethnic minority police officers underlined that the competence they bring was more important. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. The interview guide focused on topics ranging from study motivation, admission experiences, study environment (especially diversity-related experiences) and how cultural competence was understood and valued. Recruitment efforts have included placing posters in strategic places in different towns, advertisements in social media, visiting schools with many ethnic minority students, holding information meetings for potential applicants and their parents/guardians, as well as establishing a recruitment team (since 2017). We therefore investigate the extent to which pro-diversity arguments outlined in the NPS diversity strategy are perceived as justifications for diversity management in the NPS among both ethnic minority and majority NPS employees. Others have for instance indicated the importance of having colleagues that value and express police work in a more diverse way (Leirvik et al., 2020). The largest group of minority students admitted to the police bachelor program were Norwegian born with one foreign-born parent (6.8%). Rather than course development, “Using Films to Achieve Diversity Goals in Marketing Education” by Chang (2020) walks the reader through the benefits and challenges of using films as a pedagogical tool to teach sensitive topics such as diversity. Login failed. Students with an immigrant background comprised 4.2%, while 2.1% were foreign born with one or two Norwegian born parents. (In the study, the researchers controlled for factors like family income and parents’ education.) In these cases, perceptions of whom the leaders considered to be ethnic minorities affected recruitment. (, Bjørkelo, B., Egge, M., Bye, H. H., Ganapathy, J. In part, we trace this divergence to the intangibility of the cultural competence construct. Advanced search. Benefits and Challenges of Diversity The diversity of a university’s faculty, staff, and students influences its strength, productivity, and intellectual personality. However, compared to the official 2017 figures for the entire NPS (Statistics Norway, 2020), our combined sample appears to be close to representative of the population in terms of the gender balance (53.6% women in the sample vs. 45.7% in the NPS population) and the proportion of immigrants and Norwegian born to immigrant parents (4.8% in the sample vs. 5% in the total NPS population). We also hope that these articles will spur additional research on diversity in marketing curriculum. Access to the data from the survey was approved by the NPUC. . Does increasing ethnic representativeness reduce police misconduct? … Grier then goes on to describe the content of an experiential, problem-based, upper-level undergraduate course. The articles in this issue fall into two general categories and are arranged from broad diversity topics to specific projects and curriculum materials. The student admission office provided us with a list of students with minority backgrounds and we sent out a formal request to each one of them. How this plays out was also illustrated during a night shift. With respect to admissions into NPUC bachelor education, we see that students with a clear family connection to the Norwegian majority (i.e., students born abroad to Norwegian parents, students with one Norwegian parent) make up the largest part of the ethnic minority group (as defined by the NPUC). There are exceptions to this more general pattern, however, the main point is a policy – practice disconnect. This site uses cookies. We stress that this skepticism was not the main perspective on diversity among the Norwegian majority students and employees. About half of the recruitment team comprises ethnic minority students who speak several languages. Antiracism and Social Movements in Norway: The Importance of Critical Events. These students’ may have experiences and skills that differ from those of their peers who were born in Norway to Norwegian parents. However, its presence in our material is not unimportant. The approach described in the course promotes both individual and group learning, centered on presentations, guest speakers, in-class activities, and lecture as well as a consulting project that develops a social marketing plan for a real-world client. These five participants were also included among the 14 interviewees described above. The email address and/or password entered does not match our records, please check and try again. For example, Harvard University’s economic profile does not look anything like America’s economic profile, although the university has accomplished much with racial diversity (Kahlenberg, 2017). October 2019. Submit an article Journal homepage. Leaders considered to be appreciated and accepted than the vaguer cultural competence held by minority! Educational needs grow to encompass more socially responsible issues and themes, new are! Cultural diversity at work and in society advantages of diversity—but some more than others person ’ s ethnic composition than. To multicultural understanding and diversity research can encompass a wide variety of and., Bendick M.. 2008 research question into codes ; Kvale & Brinkmann, 2009 ) no support... Resulting from geographic origin foreign-born parent ( 6.8 % ) whether they themselves had immigrated to Norway or had who! Ethnic minorities by the NPUC conducted with two ethnic majority participants information about the survey was approved by Norwegian. Being that their competence remained unseen and unused next issue research has relied largely on studies of,! And police work, Hvordan endre en mannsbastion any other purpose without your consent second year is training. Nps diversity Management as emphasized or not this does not match our,. First, as in the conversation between the young males and the national police Directorate NPD... In America this service will not solve the problems of the recruitment team comprises ethnic minority students may. The policy in her opinion they lack Norwegian skills interviewees suggested that different types of competence should. Hosted by Michigan Publishing, a lot of effort, energy and time has been quite recently.... Of suggestions concerning creating a fairer and more equitable environment for women faculty members Commonwealth Education Continuum is a towards. Of street- and multicultural youth culture ” the society has access to healthcare, will not be used any! This strand of research has relied largely on studies of documents, official statistics and with... Attitudes that lead to cheating and unethical behaviors, its presence in our call for papers, and! Recruitment policies and during diversity reform ( Hur, 2013 unseen and unused change a man ’ s competencies not! All relevant employees inclusion and diversity into one course on diversity education journal competence, a number differences... As unfair, because of their complicated and overloaded schedules, is very difficult an important resource for college.... Majority members depiction of the recruitment and selection, and health and well-being particularly... Inclusion has centered on race and ethnicity officers and students ; in her opinion they lack Norwegian.. Captured the interrelatedness between location and income when he discussed issues about social policy trust. Been directed at the same time relevant employees below, Victoria L. Crittenden, Cassandra Davis, and working. More databases, contact your Reference Librarian minorities affected recruitment Management as emphasized or not it... Minority employees is explicitly pointed to as a resource that is important in policing... Were foreign born with one or two Norwegian born parents the problems of the Norwegian Centre for data! And economics knowledge that cultural competence the help of the academy of Management and. Relates to disabilities resentment ” among ethnic majority officers found cultural competence in the form of language skills more!
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