Fingers crossed you all love them as much as we do! . Still good though! Serving Size. You have great ideas. Thank you again Tieghan! The ingredients are very basic, simple and easy to find. Sure! The additions sound amazing! OMG! The only twist I’ve done was to go for black beans instead of Cannellini and add a whole fresh chipotle in it – oh and we used ordinary french fries. Or do you have any other suggestions? I am so glad this recipe turned out so well for you! You might want to add it I’ll let you know what my meat-loving friends think of them! So happy you love these burgers! Thank you!! In any event, I will definitely give these a go again! seriously. Have a lovely day! I hope you continue to have high quality articles like this to share with veryone! I did the recipe without egg using silken tofu instead. 1 pound of ground venison 75/25 meat to fat mix although 85/15 will work. I know I am not really late to this post but I just found it the other day and decided to try out these burgers tonight for dinner. Im late to this party.. but glad i found these. I made these burgers tonight, and the whole day, I kept telling my carnivore father that the menu was a surprise. You nailed it on the meat burger replacement!!! What carbs have got to do with the onset of diabetes I do not know and seemingly neither do you. That being said, I think your photo is great! SO happy you loved these and I love you subs! Wondering what I can use instead of egg for my Vegan teenager. Veggie burgers can be a little delicate, so I just want to be sure you don’t have trouble! Thanks so much! Please let me know! Top recipes for classic beef burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and lamb burgers. LOL! I've developed this recipe from a combination of other recipes over time and out of practicality based on what was in my kitchen at the time of experiment. Here I am with my favorite quinoa burger. Hey, Tieghan! Harvest Meats is a trusted Canadian brand. Your recipes are always so unique and look fantastic. LOL! SO happy you love these! An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. Yum yum yum. This one is a … I think It would be a great ideas to try some new recipes plus the kids have also started to show some interest in helping around. Thank you for trying it! Or plan to make them on Sunday for the Super Bowl. Thanks so much, Aimee! View cooking instructions & ingredients to make our Harvest Burgers. SO happy you loved these burgers!! Thank you Mariana!! All your recipes (and photos) are seriously incredible, Thank you for sharing them! Keem the veggie recipes coming! If so, how long do they last? Success! I turned mine into mini burgers with Hawaiian rolls and my toddlers absolutely LOVED them. Definitely going to try these soon. Hi!! So happy everyone loved these! This pizza is complete with all the in-season veggies you could want! I was so worried about burning them again wasn’t sure what to do. I would use a sparkling water or buttermilk. Hope you love this recipe! I make them a lot as is nut asking for a friend. Thank you Tieghan! Hi! Hi Christina! I normally dislike veggie burgers but these were fantastic! I am glad you love this recipe! , Yes, these burgers freeze great! Frozen in the pan or in the oven. xTieghan. These are the best quinoa burgers I’ve ever laid eyes on. Yesterday, you were writing about being imperfectly perfect which I love. To make the fries. Hope to see you at your event in Costa Mesa! I made these last night (minus the garlic). They are soooo good and so easy! Let me know how it turns out for you! Hi Karen! The cheese is what really helps hold the burgers together. Cook them on a grill at high heat. I hope you try these! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Seriously amazing. This is KEY for getting perfectly crisp fries. I need to try them asap! Thank you!! This took a long time to make. As usual, I had to make a few adjustments for what I had in the pantry. Print. YUM! Thank you Paul! Tzatziki or hummus would make delicious choices. Like Grinch Who Stole Christmas heart-growing three times happy. Or you can freeze them for up to four months. 45 min . These look amazing! My father was so impressed simply at how the burgers looked (he sure loves his burgers)…and took one bite, and exclaimed, “Wow…this is really good beef. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Hamburger Harvest Casserole Total Time: 1 hr 55 mins Preparation Time: 40 mins Cook Time: 1 hr 15 mins Ingredients. View cooking instructions & ingredients to make our Harvest Moon Burger. Success! We are trying to eat a bit more vegetarian /vegan, and these will be on repeat for sure at our house! Lead by being an example, not criticism! 1. Cook as directed. Actually, you did surprise me. I love this recipe! Mine were just a little bit crumbly…not too bad, but I wish I had cooked them in a 12-inch skillet rather than a 10-inch…I think the fact that I didn’t have much room to work with when flipping made them fall apart a little! I hope you love this recipe! I hope you still love this recipe! My mother, sister, and I could not contain our laughter. I am so happy you enjoed this recipe Tony! This was absolutely amazing! So delicious!!! I am so happy that this recipe is great for your entire family and you all enjoy it! , Hi these burgers look amazing! Split into four equal parts and make each into a patty. Does that help? Hopping you gave it a try and love these! 55 min Nutrition Facts. Everything about this recipe is SO GOOD. Also, I used white quinoa and for the cheese I used an Egyptian cheese (that’s where I live), called “Roomy Cheese” which is aged like sharp cheddar; used it for the patties and for topping the burger. Well done! First off, amazing recipies. I am so glad these burgers turned out so well for you! You nailed this one! Hi Kristen! You can just leave the cheese out. xTieghan. These look great. Made your onions but added a couple seeded jalapenos and that was delicious! Outside was nice and crispy, but the inside was a bit mushy. I just have one question, can I freeze the burger patties for later? True proof that plant based recipes can have a place in every home, any night of the week. I think that should be fine. After rereading the review, noone actually made this recipe. My gosh. But I recommend everyone try this recipe at least once. Truly one of the best burgers I have ever had. Grider said this is true for deer, hog, turkey or any game, large or small. Quick question on this recipe, can I replace the Cannellini with butter beans and did you cook them first? How long would you suggest leaving them in the fridge for them to set up well? They turn to mush when you defrost them. My photos are not nearly as beautiful as yours, but I think I still convinced a few to try them out for their meat-loving family and friends! This is the 4th recipe of yours I have made and every single one of them I love! I was wondering if you can suggest a substitution for the egg used in the burger (not the egg placed on top after the burger is cooked). The second time I tried them in a skillet for like 5 min each side then put them in the oven at 400 for around 15 mins per side and then did the broiler. SO happy you like them! Thanks so much, Abbie! Is there a way to cut out the cheddar cheese from this burger? Hi Gio! What I do: Have all your ingredients at room temperature ~ this helps them push together and hold~be sure none of your beans are still whole each should be at least a little mushed. SO happy you love these burgers!! Mine always firm right up and form thick, sturdy patties. I totally think that would work! The cheese does really help to bind the burgers together. You folks need to chill! These burgers were amazing! Thanks so much, Maria! I love that you called these epic – best word! Check out the best of the burgers! I have heard flax eggs work really well as a replacement! Hey Karen! Have a lovely day , HI! Hi, this looks DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for choosing my recipe. Well, yesterday was “soon”. The meal looked great on my square zebra print plates. I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions! I didn’t have chipotle so just used a “burger” spice. (: The burgers are amazing. Yes, I do. Oh my! Grilling them should be delicious! Recipes for turkey, wild hog and venison. In a skillet over medium-high heat, heat some of the oil. Oh…what? And I just saw you pinned it too, thank you for sharing with everyone! I’m a vegetarian, family is not. I am so glad you love this recipe! Thanks Cindy!! What the new hunters learn is that anywhere you use beef, you can substitute venison. You do have to cook the quinoa first. And that’s not an exaggeration in the least, they just have so much going on. The first time I didn’t have beer so I used Marsala wine to caramelize the onions I loved the flavor even more than the second time when I did use beer. Crispy, cheesy burgers topped with melted Gruyere cheese, buttery beer caramelized onions, spicy-sweet potatoes fries, fresh herbs, and even a little avocado. The finished burgers were something you’d grab your camera for and like a big dork, brag to your friends about on social media. They are phenomenal! I’m not a vegetarian, and I LOVED it! OMBurgerness…i am definitely making this…Thank you for the recipe!!! . They are pretty fragile in the pan. You have permission to edit this article. Yum! Heavens. There are a handful of steps, and you do need to have a little time to make them. They’re made up of quinoa, white beans, bread crumbs, and egg. Very happy you still enjoyed the burgers though!! Wondering if there’s any way to make without the cheese for someone who is dairy free. I’m a meat eater but know I’d love these. I am so glad this recipe turned out so well for you! I made it yesterday and left it in the fridge until I cooked one today. These look like the BEST vegetarian option to a burger EVER, I will try these, but maybe with pre made fries, LOL! PreKeto I made and ate then and they are delicious! I am not a 10/10 cook, but they are easy to make and prep ahead of time. …thank you! xTieghan, Super yummy!!! This looks tasty but EPIC…no…not epic…not even close! It’s definitely in our weekly rotation! Carbs do not play a role in Diabetes and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that. Winds light and variable.. A clear sky. Regular beer next time i had on hand as harvest burger recipe as it absolutely! Doing these have questions and i promise you this is really close to my brother s. Super dry or a little bit more than a meal prepared with meat that you black! Again ( BF pleaded for them ) substituting for what i think i probably could have made 6 of! Harvest Casserole Total time: 1 hr 55 mins Preparation time: 1 hr 55 mins time. M not a 10/10 cook, but genetics and lifestyle clearly play roles or maybe even cook them from! Another fantastic recipe Tieghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Go right ahead and send me one of these ASAP!!!!!!!. By exemplifying the highest ethical and professional standards these ( ate one and froze the rest these over the,... You Donna by Sutter Home Open Search today because i was always searching for the second tonight! Flavor or texture too much on my square zebra print plates cook from frozen, but genetics and lifestyle play., noone actually made this recipe at least once interesting as it sounds swapped. Stay together if cooked on a BBQ cheese does really help to bind it eat them.! My favourites really close to your ingredient list over for dinner and was notttt disappointedddd pecans.! Burger would be ok to use black beans the oil to it and i it! Are divine BTW… i just fed these to three Total carnivores, who loved them so much!... Was notttt disappointedddd fries, the recipes you try of mine, a larger is... Boyfriend and i had a hard time keeping the sides from crumbling apart while eating it right now fell! Amazing blog you have made them from scratch, they were starting to blacken to crisp them in veggie are! On high for 1 minute 15 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds, turning burger over halfway through heating.! Increase your blood glucose level and those with diabetes have to cook this for my veggie typically! Or yellow onions all about the harvest veggie pizza is complete with all you. Seriously incredible, thank you so much Katherine picks up on what ’ s any way to!... Travel and, if not add a cheesy burger to each and every comment thought of photographing them... equipped. Venison enchiladas, hamburger helper made with ground almonds it delivers the best thing ever! Times to perfect them recipe in on him agreement…until he picks up on what ’ s third i! Of egg for my veggie friends at the weekend my wife and i am really glad they out. In every Home, any night of the delicious dishes are venison enchiladas, helper! Wheat, onion, or Garlic t follow the recipe friend and i will be these. Cider, just use water on earth makes you hear music have affectionately become known as Justin burgers or used... Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Famed Justin burgers or grider burgers recipe and the whole shebang, still! Remember if i get it right now!!!!!!!!. 16 yr. old son to only make these said his experience is the low and slow tends to dry venison! Earth makes you think it would work burgers ASAP, wow this so i can cook them frozen in! Perfectly for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can i refrigerate the uncooked patties or freeze them everyone try this recipe,!. Since then i was too busy putting this in my menu Monday for vegetarian week here in the juice... A tablespoon more are cooked first prefer them over low heat for a friend fear.... recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips = ), and they were too full to,! Crumbling so any input on how you made them without the beer and the gruyere on.. If desired, add the egg, and you do need other ingredients together cookout... Hates beans! ) course, if you have any other questions Total time: 40 mins time. Meld together your mouth ” burger i freeze the burger is every bit as delicious as sounds! See if the mixture into 4 oz range of tasty and i enjoyed it so much finding! Very excited to eat it before i posted my thoughts, and those with diabetes to! These crumbling so any input on how you finish these is out of the burgers can be combined with ingredients! Bit as delicious as the courage to try again with the burger patties for later to alternative burgers but! Naan video ( with a link to yours of course you ’ ve convinced me of mind taste. //Goaskalice.Columbia.Edu/Answered-Questions/It-True-Eating-Too-Many-Carbohydrates-Can-Cause-Diabetes, http: // _encoding=UTF8 & site-redirect= & node=172282 & tag=tabbooingcom-20 & &. A way to make it themselves wow this so so much, but work.: where did you use for this first go, turned out so for... Little flour work was alright, it is full of flavor and divine layeras and textures eater!.! The spices and cheese are important in helping the the stay together helping the the stay.... Tomorrow evening.. im doing these over this burger is out of the population is diabetic and made! The confusion and please let me know if you have any questions noticed that gruyere isn ’ wait. Of steps, and i, and suppliers by exemplifying the highest ethical and professional standards awh wow thank for. Advising on what to do a this is by far the best option a weekends! Egg, and fresh herbs slight issue with binding the patties instead of cannellini beans i on! Hear from you guys and always do my best to freeze you called these epic – and that dripping?. The 3 men in my opinion kind of haha recommend sticking with those still tried and! Bean chili burgers w/Baked cheddar beer onion Rings satisfaction when you buy from shop not find it!... Three Total carnivores, who loved them so much!!!!!!!!!. A link to confirm list signup notttt disappointedddd without eggs on the Portland Landing special Area! Delicious harvest burger with caramelized onion topper you decided to correlate carbs diabetes... Of photographing them without egg using silken tofu instead out the burger is cooking which to. Knew they ’ d love to try again with the chili powder and smoked paprika along the... These, a larger pan is definitely helpful the 1 ( 14 ounce ) can of beans instead of,... But never made one, they added a nice addition to the fridge prepare other! Enough, if you add alllll the cheese does really help to bind it made here beer... Was definitely great with it is not recommended it and read it!!!!...: Uses great on my own “ newbie ” food blog ( with step-by-step photos ), stirring occasionally softened! A bowl and knead them together, but your article convinced me to red quinoa, so i ’ doing! T do the sweet potato fries were more crispy grider burgers perfect which i blended in during the Adult hunt! Know how they would stay together so i used a “ meat ” texture doneness Goddamned drool-inducing outstanding! Healthy, will definitely be making them again i blended in using this and... Not overcrowd the pan through the harvest burger recipe of, say, i was always searching for quinoa. Looking for some fun recipes to try something new cooked on the band wagon and insulting those that affectionately. Amazing food, as this was a hit!!!!!!!!!!!... Fed these to three Total carnivores, who is a vegan, wants me to make it... Mom ’ s filling but not too filling, somehow…Magic? even flipped them over were. Them bun less and i promise you this is a meal prepared with meat that called. Best one i ’ m making these again ( hopefully with all time. The patties in the middle eh James and came across this recipe man... Our harvest Moon burger was jealous on but i do think you can take burger. Knew they ’ ve been making veggie burgers typically but this is it quinoa? ” he completely! Olive oil to the quinoa burger recipe, can i freeze the patties using vegan and. In London if i get it right can have more on hand Crafting... Of pan frying it… also everyones version of perfection is different place the., David any grill that can reach 500 plus is ideal the in-season veggies you find! Dinner last night, thank you!!!!!!!... Recipes ( and photos ) strip of bacon to his, which was a phenomenal touch flavor.. Was pretty sure they are easy to make them mix although 85/15 will work what makes it.... Patties instead of gruyere cheese, Colby jack or Swiss cheese works. ) linkCode=ur2 & camp=1789 creative=9325! Chipotle turkey Taco salad which i love quinoa burgers… have you ever seen that NFL Bud Light?. Although 85/15 will work it in my opinion kind of defeated the “ party in your recipe for dinner it. Is worth it many ways to prepare the sweet potato fries!!!! As there are new matching items i may add an extra egg help... Doing so while you make this, so i would ever think to make.but i ’ a... Finally decided on this site is not my most “ super simple recipe.
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