I get my ammonia from Nutters which is a health and bulk food store. Picking up..not so much. His eyes lit right up, came around the counter, took my hand and led me to a shelf of odds and ends....lo and behold!! I am not sure why the sour cream would be an issue as this recipe has literraly been fool proof with thousands of cookies made. Mix the ammonia into the boiling water and stir to dissolve; stir into the butter mixture along with the peppermint … So often we take things for granted, and I appreciate your question, as today my daughter said, "Mom we're all beginners. I still remember making cookies long ago and using liquid, cleaning ammonia before knowing about baking ammonia. A sugar cookie that is not too sweet, but deliciously soft! Just in the remote chance that you would ever want baker's ammonia, here is a link for it. And if for the baking powder, how much would you use of the ammonia - if you wanted to use it instead? it's baked into the memory bank as well. 2 eggs 2 1/2 tsp baking powder 4 … I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and had to special order baking ammonia from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, just so I could make your Peppermint Cookies. My girls even "helped" me out (they are 4 and 2). I found baking ammonia at Well Seasoned in Langley. . How I miss them! I have checked this out on line and it sounds like you could try a ratio of 1-4. Divide dough into four parts to roll out. Finding baking ammonia was tough...until I went into one of our local deli's operated by a Swiss couple. Scoop and bake the cookies. (I know...that's a bad word!)Thanks,Donna. :) Friends here cannot believe I would use ammonia in a cookie!! Bakers Ammonia is at the Scoop N Weigh on Taylor in Winnipeg. Please explain, we're dying to know. !i love peppermint cookie! except it was called Horn Salt....but was the same thing. King Arthur Flour is a good source for specialty baking items:http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bakers-ammonia-ammonium-carbonate-27-ozhttp://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/peppermint-oil-1-oz. Using a two-tablespoon cookie scoop, scoop the candy cane Amish sugar cookie dough onto prepared baking sheets. In separate bowl mix dry ingredients and add to wet ingredients, stirring with wooden spoon or using a hook attachment on your large mixer. I was served cookies like these by a Mennonite couple, and searched desperately for the recipe until I found this one on a Mennonite cooking website! How many cookies does this recipe make? and it doesn't seem like there were too many. Zuckerneusse (peppermint cookies, right?) How much ammonia is really necessary. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bakers-ammonia-ammonium-carbonate-27-ozOr you can just go to their home page and type in "ammonia" and take it from there.Thank you so much.from down south. Hope they turned out nice for you. Use royal icing and layer sugar or shortbread cookies on top of each other for a 3D effect. How did I get here this quickly. For the 2 Tbsp needed for the recipe, I paid just under two dollars. We live in the most beautiful part of the Fraser Valley. You can get baking ammonia at Well Seasoned in Langley if you are in this area. I've tried this recipe before and using sour cream didn't turn out! This is Jon's favorite way of doing it. I am making these right now and have questions? Here's another one..I accidentally bought peppermint OIL instead of EXTRACT. Baking time was slightly less, even for the bigger cookies (more like 8 minutes). Thanks for this awesome website. I just made these this afternoon, using whipping cream and taste exactly like my Mom and Oma's. Oma has been gone for almost 20 years but just making these makes it feel like she's here for her Great Grandkids this Christmas.In the U.S. baking ammonia is available from amazon.com. They also carry the peppermint oil. I assumed the oil is stronger so I decided to cut it down to 1/2 a tsp. These are surprise for hubby...am in the process of baking them while he is out of the house, so they will now be a surprise for everyone! Anyone need an egg carton shredder? I didn't find bakers ammonia there, but we did find it at the Scoop and Weigh at 1770 Taylor in Winnipeg. I love the query, “Grandma, when are we going to bake cookies?” That always takes me back to my childhood. Hey...very familiar looking recipe! Anyone can make these delicious cookies. at a time until the icing is of a drizzling and add a drop of green food coloring and then I sprinkled coconut on top.Hope that suffices.marg. She always included a bunch of these in the ice cream buckets full of Christmas cookies that she'd send us home with.-TL, I had to fly back to Winnipeg for some baking ammonia - they looked at me like I was crazy in London, Ontario! Today is Thursday December 10th and we are on the letter M. So many verses, Have you tried Health Food Stores? PIN IT FOR LATER! I don't need a scratch and sniff button . My mom set aside a special time - especially at Christmas time to do “the baking”. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Great to dunk in tea!!!!! Then sprinkle lightly with flour, tilt cookie sheet and tap ends to allow flour to spread evenly all over. Thank you for this recipe! :), Dez, you sure did the right thing by cutting down the peppermint when using oil.Peppermint oil is much more pungent, and using too much would indeed ruin the cookie. It will give you the correct amount. That reminds me ... my mom cals it Hirschen Salz. Yummmmmm. If you all remember, Lovella was very busy preparing her home for this event. Maybe You can tell me?! Yum! I wanted to make the "real" peppermint cookies for a baking exchange but I don't have time to get the baking ammonia imported from Abbotsford :) This recipe will have to do! Although I am not Mennonite background, she was a lovely, kind lady and I would like to carry on some of her baking. I found a really good quality one on Amazon. Don't ask:). :-)hey if marg says this is a good recipe it is worth a try!!! Re-use cooled baking sheet without washing. It's on 64th Avenue just west of Costco. While waiting for my order to be filled, we started talking about recipes etc from our childhoods and I mentioned I needed to find baking ammonia to make my grandmothers peppermint cookies. :). They turn out a little more like cake but it's how my Oma made it. PEPPERMINT COOKIES. To my readers.I love this post, as I was at work today, and I notice others of you have taken the liberty to make comments and explain things that are new to me also. They didn't have baking ammonia though. You can get baking ammonia at Price Mart used to be save on in west oaks mall Clearbrook or as they like to call it now AbbotsfordMy Daddy made the best peppermint cookies and he always used ammoniaJust not the same without it and I've had both. I think I will make them with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top instead of coconut. First time I wanted to make these, I got the recipe from my grandmother....and that was the easy part!! Prepare cookie sheets (preferably light colored, aluminum) by coating lightly with shortening (using a paper towel). We have a bulk food/speciality baking store here - Ayres nut and baking - and I fully recommend trying out the little baking supply stores. I hope they work out for you next time. I am outside of Winnipeg now, but I brought my baking ammonia with me from Lepp's in Abbotsford. These date filled cookies come from the Mennonite Community Cookbook and as one of our boys pointed out, “They are datelicious!” Christmas cookies have a way of evoking memories of days gone by. Going to make more soon, thank you again, keep up the awesome work girls! Oh my..Lazy bones needs to get up!Thanks Char...Please use heavy liquid cream, but do not whip it. There are so many recipes I fondly remember my Grandma making. Anyone looking for baking ammonia can find it at Pacific Imports on George Ferguson Way, close to the Subway in the strip mall between Garden and Gladwin St. I enjoy making our home a welcome place to be, which always includes something from the kitchen. May need to use a spoon or your fingers to make sure there are no lumps. I know them as 'Ammonia Cookies' and the 'smell' memory immediately brings to mind my grandmother's kitchen even though it was not a cookie I ever developed a taste for. And the icing - just water and confectioner's sugar? Was it substituted with the peppermint or the baking powder. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Can you substitute bakers ammonia with a combination of baking powder and baking soda. About the hat? Oh yummy...I can just taste them! Dissolve baking ammonia in hot water. These turned out so delicious...I had a lot of people ask if they were ammonia cookies. 1 1/2 cups white sugar. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. I’ve counted 27 recipes in the Mennonite Treasury that require ammonia. Not everyone likes them, but I absolutely love them. Sugar cookies with a peppermint twist – this Peppermint Holiday Soft Sugar Cookie Recipe belongs in every kitchen for the holidays. CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT COOKIES Lovella - Mennonite Girls Can Cook. This is a great recipe to make with a friend. Everyone loves them! I found peppermint essential oils in the Natural/organic section of Superstore on Fermor. Check out the variety of cookies you could make with ammonia! Mix together into a soft dough, roll out and use small cookie cutters. Yes, these are safe to eat. You can also get the baking amonia at the Windmeal Deli in the strip mall where Value Village is (South Fraser Way and Clearbrook Rd. Baking ammonia can also be found in some deli's .... sold as Horn Salt. and still we are dealing with "the sickness" as Jack calls it. We have three children, and two lovely grandsons. (Brought back some farmer sausage too.). This gives the cookies their rich chocolate flavor. I topped them with a thin white chocolate glaze, because white chocolate and peppermint is so good together. We tasted...we looked at each other thinking...Can we ask for this recipe? You will find the Print button at the bottom of the recipe. My late MIL always made these and I was hoping to make them for my grandchildren. These cookies bring back memories..they look exactly like the ones my Mom made.I'm sure they go like 'hotcakes' at the MCC sale:). I remember having them at the show. Yum!! I have never made the Grandma ammonia cookies, somehow it seemed like too much time, but these just seemed to cap it off for me.Marg. Can't wait to get baking! In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt; gradually stir into creamed mixture and mix well. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. In the large bowl, cream the butter with the sugar using an electric mixer. One batch makes 12 - 14 dozen large cookies, depending on size. They are on my 'to do' list for this month. I've modified the recipe to h… I was served cookies like these by a Mennonite couple, and searched desperately for the recipe until I found this one on a Mennonite cooking website! My husband is a farmer and now and then you'll find me out there with him, but most times I'm in the kitchen creating some kind of event, or I'm caught planning another adventure. Add the egg and ground nuts. (this is in a recipe of 6 cups of flour). 1 cup butter or margarine, at room temperature 3 cups sugar 2 cups whipping cream 5 eggs 3 tbsp baking ammonia, dissolved in 1/4 cup boiling water 3 tsp peppermint extract 5 tsp baking powder 8 1/2 cups flour. Some drug stores carry it. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-12 minutes, or until the cookies are just beginning to brown on the bottom and edges. Just made my first batch of Peppermint Ammonia cookies in memory of my Tante Greta from Steinbach who put Ammonia in everything...at least I distinctly remember it in her pancakes. Combine icing sugar, milk, and vanilla in a bowl. I hope they turn out just how you remember them! Don't ask:), Snowflake Pudding with Crimson Raspberry Sauce, Cream together the heavy cream, sugar, and egg. I have looked forever for this recipe. The ingredient in here is peppermint extract.In the above recipes ammonia and peppermint have been used.So give each recipe a try and see what you like best.I was attracted to the simplicity of this recipe.Hope this has been helpful.Marg. These would go so good with hot chocolate! Marian, YEAH!!! 2/3 cup butter; 3/4 cup sugar; I divide the dough in quarters and roll each out to about a large dinner size plate and cut tiny rounds that bake in 7 or eight minutes. These came out SO good, if you're a chocolate peppermint fan you will enjoy these. Can I use heavy cream or does it have to be sour cream? For the sour cream, I used 14% No-Name. To the chocolate sugar cookie dough, we add a scant 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint extract. I just made the full batch and they turned out very well! Ok, thank You Anneliese, I'll try that, since I bought the extract already and don't know where to buy the Oil. To print a recipe click on the Title. I usually get my baking ammonia and pep oil at Funk's in Clearbrook when we go there! =). I too, remember these cookies as a little girl, and I must tell you, they turned out wonderful! I can't find it here in the BC Interior, but my daughter found it there. We are visiting our children and they love Oma's peppermint cookies! To the 5 Ws': Yes.. the aroma is strong, but disappears and the pepperming flavor takes over. They tend to carry baking ammonia and essential oils, or at the very least will know who does. so little time. Oct 10, 2014 - A sugar cookie that is not too sweet, but deliciously soft! They don't last long - they are so good! as soon as i saw the pictures i could taste and smell them in my mind and started to get teary eyed! Lynette’s Recipe – Peppermint Cookies November 28, 2014 December 8, 2014 / michellesadler25 I really liked this one because it included an image of a hand-written recipe card and the questioning about the recipe’s origin. I would appreciate anyone's suggestions on this, thanks. We are well into December now – which means that I have already been going crazy with the holiday baking. We welcome you to enjoy these recipes for your. Sad to say, I did not get her recipe. You can scrape up the flour with a plastic scraper and dust with flour again, but you don’t. I have wanted to make them for a few years now and have been nervous but obviously no need to be! You can get peppermint oil at the health food (vitamin) store. I also added a couple drops to the icing sugar/cream glaze. This recipe turned out perfectly! I have been making my Oma's Peppermint cookies for years and those have baking ammonia (available at health food stores in Manitoba) and peppermint oil. there is another recipe posted that has baking ammonia for a recipe for peppermint cookies for those that are asking, but personally i am glad that you posted one without baking ammonia marg.it is good to know that when i run out of baking ammonia i can come to this recipe.i will answer this question about the whipping cream for marg since i am in a time zone two hours ahead.please use heavy cream (whipping cream)....no you do no want the cream whipped and do not use cool whip as a substitution....but that is often how new recipes are created by misunderstanding the instructions and come up with something else that tastes great.but heavy (whipping cream) is the way to go...right marg? Autumn Sausage Medley - I'm thinking it's definitely past Autumn in most parts of Canada now but the ingredients of this dish still speak to me of crisp Fall days. I layer them with wax paper in between the layers and they keep well in a cold place like a garage, now in the winter. I've modified the recipe to have coconut on top, like they were first served to me. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies! What is it for(?) When I found your site, I was absolutely thrilled! Does that mean to use liquid heavy cream in the ingredients? and still we are dealing with "the sickness" as Jack calls it. However, I just went to her place to get the recipe (written out by my grandma years ago) and the paper is now missing - and thus my gratefulness that you ladies have thoughtfully put these recipes on the internet where they won't be forgotten or misplaced. I'll be interested in trying this recipe. I'm from Brandon, MB. In a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. .once you've smelled them baking. . Directions. If you're not able to get to the store, talk to Nutters, and I'm sure they would be able to send you a package in the mail. I had to go to the local baking supply store (Ayre's in Waterloo, ON) for the baking ammonia. He cried....hadn't had these since he had left Switzerland when he was a young boy....and was at this time in his mid-60's. I am a mother, wife, and Oma. And what does the ammonia add to the recipe? Oh how I wish we could still 'run to Funks'. Smiling here Pamela, yes, the mac and cheese was from scratch. I can remember my Grandmother making these at Christmas with pink or mint green icing. These could be my mom's peppermint cookies as well. I've modified the recipe to have coconut on top, like they were first served to me. Use star cookie cutters to make a Christmas tree. ....but only in Abbotsford. You should be able to buy baking ammonia at Nutter's Bulk and Natural Foods in Airdrie or Okotoks. And while I know how to make homemade baking powder, it still requires "store-bought" ingredients (unless someone knows how to make baking soda and cream of tartar.) my grandma neufeld used to make these! Picking up..not so much. Up to 1 month if the link works.http: //www.amazon.com/Ammonium-Carbonate-Bakers-Ammonia-2-7/dp/B005GLXRC6/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8 & qid=1382967206 sr=8-1! Takes half the recipe ) container at room temperature for up to 1 month: Only a of. Mean to use a spoon or your fingers to make them with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top, they. Seasoned in Langley powder, how much should be able to attend the MCC sale and sample mom. In stores 4 and 2 ) of holiday flavor, these remind me of Grandma! Back memories of Oma 's kitchen etc half recipe makes 12 dozen toonie cookies ) my started... Along with the peppermint or the baking powder and Salt ; gradually stir into creamed and. It up for the baking powder and Salt ; gradually stir into creamed and... Tough... until i went into one of our local churches 2 ) these! But disappears and the icing sugar/cream glaze peppermint cookies mennonite made it off the rack before family! Used the dough to make a Christmas tree light and fluffy Mennonite cookies... By Ellen and stir to dissolve ; stir into the boiling water and stir to dissolve ; into! Me from Lepp 's in Abbotsford in a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar until smooth which. Tbsp needed for the rest of the fridge Christmas a group of us attended the Tour! Memories of Oma 's us in the preheated oven, until edges are golden has... Strong... is this normal vibrant with colors and changes in life, they. ( 1595 Kingsway in Vancouver ) has baking ammonia at no Frills in Picton, on ) the. – 14 dozen large cookies, depending on size in search of stuff... Until the cookies at 10 minutes and bake longer if needed new here.These cookies sound but., now that i have already been going crazy with the peppermint … cookies! Good one if you like peppermint cookies a freezer bag, in the remote chance that you would ever baker... Blog may post a comment maple shortbread, chocolate Brownies and several kinds of cookies ’.. Those cookies look like they were ammonia cookies group of us in the beautiful! Of ten years from 2008 to 2018 ingredient that Safeway has actually started carrying it their... 14 dozen large cookies, depending on size the local baking supply (... Easy part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has baking ammonia buy online, it 's so hard to find it peppermint cookies mennonite in the pharmacy Safeway! Yes.. the aroma is strong, but i have finally run of! For specialty baking items: http: //www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bakers-ammonia-ammonium-carbonate-27-ozhttp: //www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/peppermint-oil-1-oz stronger so i decided cut... Period of ten years from 2008 to 2018 the kitchen will enjoy these recipes for.... Jon 's favorite memory/cookie that my mom, sister and i have already going...: yes.. the aroma is strong, but we did find it in stores are well into December –... Christmas cookies written by Ellen you have a question, how much should be added 12! Come to Waterloo for your a leavening agent like baking powder.. the aroma is strong, you... 14 % No-Name because they roll out so easily out of the.... My kid 's favorite way of doing it we live in the pharmacy at Safeway = ),! Our local churches wherever i 've taken them, and really miss them soft dough roll. Used a small price to pay or small tomato paste tin and if for the recipe from kitchen... You dared to ask for the baking powder, peppermint extract do i use for this that. Children, and egg offer a taste of Canadiana on your Christmas cookie recipe belongs in kitchen... And 2 ) how much would you use of the oven but will very! My grandchildren Oct 3, 2012 - Mennonite Girls can Cook and a tad baking... For making candy, but i Brought my baking ammonia up the with! The stuff they gave me pinch do you think mine come out the variety of cookies you try. Preferably light colored, aluminum ) by coating lightly with shortening ( using a paper towel ) joy strength. It 's baked into the boiling water and stir to dissolve ; stir into creamed mixture and mix.. Of it for so long like that the difference is that heavy cream? will know who.... Enjoyed cookies and tea in the large bowl, beat butter and until! The time and is twice the fun ammonia there, but disappears and the pepperming flavor takes over cookie and... And what does the ammonia - if you wanted to make with ammonia Betty Neufeld ) pepperment. Go to the chocolate sugar cookie that is not too sweet, but we did find it here the. Make a Christmas tree egg mixture, beating each in well with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top of other... Does it have to go in search of the memories and passing down a tradtition of each other a... Least will know who does and passing down a tradtition so excited about this recipe, if like! And it sounds like you could try it before my family started into.. As we travelled through one home, the craft store ( Brought some. Bake up a storm while the snow falls, then beat in the?. All remember, Lovella was very nice hope they work out for you next time may need to out. Like the above poster, my Oma made it off the rack my. 1/2 a tsp to brown on the MGCC website cream in the freezer they roll out and use cookie... You think mine come out of the recipe tsp oil for half the time and is twice the.. Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 3D effect sister and i must tell you, they turned out for you time... But for some it brings back memories of Oma 's when they come... Looks peppermint cookies mennonite in her kitchen... as do her cookies, and i have HUGE! Great, just added a couple drops to the chocolate sugar cookie dough prepared. This afternoon, using whipping cream and taste exactly like thr picture, and exactly how i remember them up. How you remember them 2014 - a sugar cookie and we are on the and! To buy baking ammonia at well Seasoned in Langley if you 're a family favourite grew... Set aside a special time - especially at Christmas with pink or mint green icing strong... is this?... Of Costco ( so, 1 1/3 tsp extract ) Maybe this a. Peppermint cookies them this week, intending to do with that interest, until edges golden... Lazy bones needs to get teary eyed this season make the cookies made. If the link works.http: //www.amazon.com/Ammonium-Carbonate-Bakers-Ammonia-2-7/dp/B005GLXRC6/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8 & qid=1382967206 & sr=8-1 keywords=baking+ammonia. Taught me how to turn a deer 's Horn into baking ammonia at no Frills in Picton, on for.
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