Poetic Cinema – Landscape After Verlaine – Carl Henrik Svenstedt

Poetic Cinema
Carl Henrik Svenstedt

Landscape After Verlaine
– Madame, Your soul is an exquisite landscape …

A 25 min´s composition of sounds and images, consisting of a central projection wall, 6 monitors and loudspeakers. At the monitors are read 6 love poems from different ”landscapes” in France, Sweden and the Caribbean; these suites are in ”clear reading”, also image-wise, each take being made from fixed positions and 60 seconds long. The huge picture wall shows a fusion of the 6 monitored landscapes, immersed in Marie Samuelsson¨s mighty sound composition.

Direction & Camera: Carl Henrik Svenstedt
Score: Marie Samuelsson
Voices: Frej Lindqvist, Johan Lindell, Ulf Friberg
Installation: Carl Fredrik Svenstedt
Digital edit: Ulla Kupari
Project Coordination: Elisabeth Secher Svenstedt
Produced by: Secher & Svenstedt 1996
Sculpture – Sitting Man by Sivert Lindblom

with the kind support of Stockholm Cultural Capital 1998 Kulturhuset – Claes Karlsson, Svenska Rikskonserter – Martin Martinsson, Statens Kulturråd, Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur

Info: www.svenstedt.nu