Konstnärliga arbeten utförda av Sivert Lindblom – ett bildspel

Ett bildspel med ett urval av skulptör Sivert Lindbloms konstnärliga offentliga utsmyckningar i Sverige och omvärlden blev sammansatt av Jan Öqvist för utställningen den 11 juni – 28 augusti 2016 på VANDALORUM.

Sivert Lindblom is a sculptor with strong links to architecture. Early on in his career, Lindblom was influenced by Auguste Rodin. During the 1960s he went on to develop a unique and timeless visual language with links to both classicism and the present. He willingly demystifies the artistic process and lets the material he works with lead him to the desired result.

An interest in architecture is evident in everything Sivert Lindblom does. His first job was with the noted Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz in his home town Eskilstuna. Later on, after his studies at the Art Academy in Stockholm, he began a long-lasting and close collaboration with the architect Peter Celsing.

There are many public art works by Sivert Lindblom around Sweden. The ambition has always been to create communal spaces which enable positive encounters between people.

The exhibition here at Vandalorum was designed by Sivert Lindblom himself. He sees the exhibition as an artistic expression in itself, where the works interact with both the room and the audience.

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